8600GT and PCI-E Connectors (one more question on this topic)

I am planning to purchase a power supply for the 1GB Geforce 8600GT 1GB PCI-E card I just purchased. Must the power supply have a PCI-E connector? I'm looking at newegg, and quite a few of the power supplies do not have PCI-E connectors.
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  1. The 8600GT draws 12v power from the MB, at least my EVGA 8600GT does. No 6 pin 12v adapter required for the 8600GT. Most mainstream PSUs provide at least one 6 pin 12v adapter for video cards that require an additional 12v power source.
  2. for that voedi card you don´t need a psu with pci-e connector, but if you are going to get a new one it is better if it has one just to future proof. that way if you upgrade you´ll be fine
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