Dell Dimension 4600 does not see hard drive

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 and several years ago I addede a second drive (Western Digial). My original drive crashed and I am trying to install Windows XP to the WD. Windows setup will format and copy files to the WD but at a certain spot, does not see any drives. Help, thanks
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  1. The WD drive is set to Master and I put it on the end. Other info, when I hook up both drives as they were before, neither are seen.
  2. There are two settings for Master on WD drives... Master (single drive) and Master (slave present). Extremely annoying, as they are the only hard drive manufacturer that does this. You MUST ensure that you are using the correct jumper setting for the configuration you're using. The easiest thing to do is use Cable Select... I believe your Dell should support it.
  3. Thanks, I got it and running
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