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I was checking my smart attributes in the intel toolbox, and in the last day I've accumulated over 20gb of host writes while I was simply playing games. I got the ssd a month ago and it says I've accumulated 782gb of host writes. Does anyone know exactly what this is and if it's something to worry about? I'm wondering if it is different than a normal write because I simply don't see how that much is possible.
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    "Host writes" mean writes that come from the host (ie, Windows), as opposed to the drive's firmware running internal optimizations (as a result of prior TRIM commands, for example).

    If you're wondering what's doing the writes than a good place to start is to run Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), select the "Processes" tab, use the "View -> Select Columns..." menu to select "I/O Write Bytes", then sort the process list by that column in order to see which one has the highest number.
  2. It seems that firefox is running the tab up the most at ~88,500,000 followed by steam at 30,000,000 bytes. Is this any cause for alarm? I don't want my ssd to wear out in two years...
  3. Intel warranties the SSD for 5 years writing 100G per day. From Anand: " Intel will guarantee that you can write 100GB of data to one of its MLC SSDs every day, for the next five years"

    You arent even close...

    But you should turn off the useless writes. There are several sites which will help you tune your system for less writes. SSD's are so fast that the other things slow them down and cause useless writes, for example: no defragging, turn it off, turn off prefetching, indexing, turn off the pagefile (controversial, so at least move it elsewhere - mine is off with no issues).

    good luck
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