PSU for m8307c / IPIBL-LB (Benicia)

Hi, i'm looking for a PSU for an hp m8307c desktop pc:

The motherboard is listed there, but here's the link to it:

Will this power supply work:

I'm thinking of getting an nvidia 8800gt video card as well. 500w shouldbe enough for that, but what about something like an nvidia 9600gt?
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  1. Search the web for info related to your machine. HP like to use proprietary cases and power supplies that do not conform to typical ATX specifications.
  2. Good choice and yes it will work for a 8800GT, 9800GT or 9600GT. You may have to move a couple of SATA cables. You should also download hardware monitor to keep an eye on temperatures, the HP case has pretty poor cooling.
  3. learn more as a newer... :bounce:
  4. dirtmountain said:
    Good choice and yes it will work for a 8800GT, 9800GT or 9600GT. You may have to move a couple of SATA cables. You should also download hardware monitor to keep an eye on temperatures, the HP case has pretty poor cooling.

    What do you think about the post above which says that hp might be using a proprietary case and/or power supply? Why are you sure that this power supply will work with this system?

    If the power supply meets the necessary requirements, what about the size of the psu or the arrangement of the screws? What if the size and/or arrangement of screws don't line up correctly with the case? Would this be an instance of hp using a case that doesn't meet standards for atx power suppplies?

    Are you sure that a 9800gt will run with a 500w power supply?

    Just making sure! :)
  5. Some of the older HPs used proprietary parts, but not in the last few years and not yours. The Antec Earthwatts 500w will power your system and a 9800GT no problem. Some 9800GT use a shorter then standard board and won't infringe on your SATA sockets. This one for example.
    Keep an eye on your temps though.
    I would use a dual slot cooler though for better cooling
  6. What if the video card did infringe on the SATA sockets? Could i move the cables that are connected to SATA0 and SATA1 to SATA2 and SATA3??? I'm not sure how those connection points work, but there're 6 SATA connections. And the most obvious obstacle are the two cables connected at SATA0/SATA1. Any card that is long enough (around 9-10 inches) and is wide enough, will obstruct them. If I could move them, I should be able to fit a two-slot size card - assuming there's enough clearance on the bottom of the MB and i think there is.
  7. I actually took a look at the links you provided. The web page with the motherboard specifications has a black and white diagram and a color photo of the Benicia motherboard.

    The PCIe x16 slot for a video card is clearly marked in the diagram. It is the long black colored slot in the color photo. It is located below the cpu connection, northbridge chipset, and memory slots. It is above the SATA ports at the bottom right of the board. It does not appear as if the SATA ports will be in the way. It just depends on the video card you choose.

    Your motherboard is a micro-atx board. The board is 9.6 inches from left to right and 9.6 inches from top to bottom. Is there any space between the right side of the motherboard and any components mounted in the front of the case? If you don't have a little more space then you probably should be looking for a standard size video card instead of a long one.
  8. Thanks for posting johnnylucky!

    Well, I'm thinking about a dual-slot card, not sli-mode (only one pciex16). That would be 9.5 to 11 inches for most of them. Yes, I think there's enough room lengthwise for something like that. The question, as I brought up in my last post, is whether I can move the SATA cables from SATA0 and SATA1 to SATA2 and SATA3. If so, I believe there's a good chance I could fit a dual-slot card. My only other concern is the heatsink and some of the capacitors that might not give enough clearance between them and the bottom of the video card - though I feel there's enough. I doubt the capacitors would be that high. Most of them are slightly higher than an expansiion slot, but most of the cards i've seen are higher still.

    Here's some of the dual-slot video cards I'm referring to:

    Here're some other video cards i'm looking at (some of them might be big enough to be termed dual-slot):

    And would these power supplies be able to meet requirements for most of the video cards out there (and listed here)?

    I basically want a power supply that could power everything from a 8800gt to a hd 4870 to a gtx 260. I'll figure out the size requirements.
  9. Sounds like you are thinking ahead and want to be prepared for future expansion.

    I took a look at the video cards. Some of them require two 6 pin PCIe power connections. I took a look at the psu's. All three have at least two PCIe power connections. So far so good.

    Personally I would recommend the Corsair 620HX power supply:

    I build pc's for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. I have had very good luck with that psu. It is a reliable high quality item. It's very popular with do it yourselfers and user comments are very very favorable.

    You can move SATA cables from SATA0 and SATA1 ports to SATA2 and SATA3 ports without experiencing any problems. I noticed your motherboard has six SATA ports. Sometimes the SATA4 and SATA5 ports are designed for external SATA drives. If your case had an external SATA connection the cable would have to be inserted into SATA4 or SATA5. Manufacturers are not always clear about that. They seem to be interested in advertising that they have a lot of SATA connections.
  10. I just did this upgrade and wrote a somewhat stream-of-consciousness post here:

    Good luck,
  11. I just upgraded my daughters HP M8307c to a OZ 600W Stealth Stream power supply and a EVGA GTX260 video card. The power supply fit perfectly as it was the same length as the original PS and has just the right amount of connectors for this box. Important part for these video cards is how many amps are available on the 12v rail. The OZ PS has 72 amps and 580 W available on the 12v rail which is plenty.

    The EVGA card is huge and was a tight fit and I had to move the SATA cables to the 04 and 06 set of connectors as they block the end of the card. My daughter has a second drive just for her gamer stuff, so there were 3 sata connections to worry about. Since the motherboard has 6 SATA sockets, no problem. Box came right up and saw everything where it should be just as fatmattyd said.

    The card is running super . . . WoW at max everything and other windows and apps open at the same time.

    The OZ power supply is totally silent! In fact, the entire box is extremely quiet. Kudos to HP, OZ and EVGA.

    Thanks to fatmattyd for answering my question about moving the SATA connectors around! Made it all work.
  12. I have the same HP M8307C mobo, but I finally got a hold of someone at HP, and they tell me that the mobo DOES NOT support PCIE v2.0. so why would I purchase a newer graphics card when it couldn't get the full performance of it?

    This is my chat conversation with HP-

    Me : I'm looking that the PCIE x 16 slot (graphic card) and need to know if it is capable of v2.0 or is it only a v1.0?
    [An agent will be with you shortly.]
    [You are now chatting with Kerwin S .]
    Kerwin S : Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is Kerwin S. Please give me a few moments while I review your problem description details.
    Me : hi kerwin
    Kerwin S : Hello
    Me : i am trying to find out about my motherboard so I can upgrade my graphic card
    Me : HP M8307C
    Me : here is the only decent link I can find:
    Me :
    Me : All it says is "One PCI Express x16 graphics (for graphics cards) "
    Kerwin S : The PCI Exp X16 graphics card slots are are of v1.0
    Me : Since ASUS won't support it, I can't fin actual detailed information about the board
    Me : Are you CERTAIN?
    Me : Do you have ANY other detailed doc to support that board other than that web page?
    Me : Like an actual manual?
    Kerwin S : let me check whether ir is available. I will provide you the document if available.
    Me : Thanks
    Kerwin S : Thank you for being online, I appreciate your patience.
    Kerwin S : I regret to inform you that there is no other document document which says about this motherboard.
    Me : I believe it.
    Me : So are you 100% CERTAIN it is v1.0?
    Me : And how?
    Kerwin S : I suppose not provide any information without knowing it completely.
    Me : hmmm... There's GOTTA be a way... Right? I don't want to invest a couple hundred $US in a graphics card if I can't get the most out of it...
    Me : somewhere, someone at HP MUST know about this board
    Me : If it has an Intel G33 chipset, I'm thinking it MIGHT support v2.0
    Kerwin S : As I informed earlier the PCi xp X 16 slots are of v1.0 and none of the board from HP shipped with v2.0
    Kerwin S : NO
    Kerwin S : It wil not support v2.0
    Me : I understand what you are saying, but it would be NICE if we had some doc to support that.
    Me : Thanks anyway...
  13. PCI-E 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 are all backward and forward compatible. That means you can use a PCI 2.0 card with a 1.1 slot or 1.1 card in a 2.0 slot with no problems.

    Nothing short of a HD4870X2 or GTX295 is going to bottleneck that PCI-E slot.

    In fact, I've been running an HD4870 in that exact same system (m8307c) with a different power supply and get benchmarks comparable to what I found online from test systems.

    A few tips regarding that system as well;

    1. If you want to upgrade to Windows Vista 64-bit, just borrow some 64-bit install discs from someone and use the your Product Key from the right rear side of the case! You'll have to do a fresh install of windows and activate it by phone, but it works and you'll be able to upgrade your RAM.

    2. That Q6600 in your m8307c is begging to run with a 1333 FSB. You can run at 1333 FSB with a simple BSEL mod. The cooler is really easy to remove in that system. Just get some rubbing alcohol, paper towels Arctic Silver 5, a screwdriver, conductive pen, a needle, and you can be at 3.0 GHz in 30 minutes.

  14. I was wondering how you did with the IPIBL_LP motherboard and dual card GPU. I am seriously looking at the XFX 9800GTX+ (PC Power & Cooling PSU 500w) but I am concerned the dual slotted card will not fit on my motherboard.

    The Tower is mid size but have plenty of room lengthwise except it might hit my SATA ports.

    Also, thinking of moving them. Has anyone tried to put a dual slotted card on this mobo?
  15. My HD4870 fits without problems. It doesn't hit the SATA ports, the cables sit a bit close to the fan is all. There's a cable that sits really close to the back of the case but it got in there alright.

    Actually, that case has pretty poor air circulation. I would be hesistant to put anything except a dual slot cooler in it.
  16. Sounds good. Glad about the circulation tid bit you mentioned. I was concerned about the circulation which is why I leaned toward this design. This card is a monster though. 10.5 inches. But the power connectors are on top so that gives me hope.

  17. By the way. How did your build turn out? Did you put a dual slotted card on that Benicia? If so, which one and how did it work out?
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