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Hi Everyone, ive been an avid reader of the forum for quite some time but have only just joined as a member. Hopefully you'll see me round here quite often :hello:

Right then, im looking for some advice on a new build im doing. I have quite a lot of equipment to choose from but to start ill let you know the equipment that ill be using for definite due to not have an option to change unless I spend money.


OCZ SLI 2gb DDR2 800 memory
Thermaltake 700wt Modular PSU
Standard DVDRW
74gb Raptor
2 x 250gb Western Digital SATA

For the other equipment heres what I have to choose from...


Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4L - Gives me the option to go SLI


Gigabyte P35-DS3R - Give me the option to have DDR3 Memory

Now if I had a decent single gxf card would I better off having the future option of DDR3 or SLI ?





These dont have much difference in clock speed but I will be overclocking. Which is the best out of the two ? Ill be using a watercooled cooler to oc this.

Graphics cards

XFX 512mb DDR3 9600gt


Leadtek WinFast PX8800 GTS TDH GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB

Choosing between the two of these has really got me stuck, I haven't tried the 8800 yet but the 9600 is still a little flaky under Vista on games like Gears of War and Vegas 2 - I want smooth graphics, not the odd stutter!


Antecs 900 gaming case


Silverstone Temjin 6 with the added Hard Drive coolers

Im currently using the Antec case and although it is good, the area I live in seems to have a lot of dust and the Antec 900 really seems to attract it :(

Operating System

Vista Premium 32bit


XP Media Center or Pro 32bit

I know the operating system is a personal choice but am I loosing valuable resources running Vista - Would running XP give me a boost with the resources that are saved?

And thats it for now folks, not unless anyone has any cheap upgrade opinions :)

Thanks for any help, I understand most technical terms in black and white but I really dont have the experience to choose between this equipment as its all modern equipment to me which I have been buying in bits for this build. My last PC was a piece of junk Sony Viao!!! Have sympathy on me :D

I have experience in building machines but only from Athlon XP, Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 systems and a build which I have already done from some of this, Im fairly confident I wont mess up!


Jon - New Member
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  1. Hey Jon,

    Can I ask if those are your only options to choose from, or would you consider other parts as well?

    For example, the E8400 is cheaper than the E6550 where I am. Between the two you listed though, I'd take the E6550 and overclock it. Don't forget to grab a good heatsink if you're overclocking. The Xigmatek or OCZ Vendetta 2 + Retention Bracket, or Sunbeam Core Contact (includes retention bracket) are the best out there says I.

    I'd stay away from nVidia motherboards. Ideally, a P45 with a 4850 graphics card is what I would choose if able to for Crossfire-ability down the road. P35 with the intention of just using one card (again, 4850) is still a good choice too. Although, the P35-DS3R you listed doesn't support DDR3 as far as I remember. DDR3 is overpriced still anyway.

    Stick with XP 32bit if you don't plan on going up to 4gb of ram with this system.

    Also, what size of monitor/resolution are you planning on using?
  2. Hi Jevon

    Thanks for the response.

    These items are all I have, I guess I could sell some of the items I don't use to fund new items but I was planning on building another system with what I have left. So I dont really want to do any big upgrades.

    Im ok for a heatsink as I have an xspc watercooled system, however Im not sure if it will fit into the Silverstone case yet, if it doesnt then I have a Noctua CPU cooler to use.

    The motherboard is the later version with the option of using DDR2 or DDR3 - Its for the future really, would using DDR3 memory in the next year be of any use or would I be better off with the SLI option for gaming?

    For my monitor Im using a GNR 19" widescreen @ 1440 x 900

  3. What is your intended use?
    Is it for heavy processing and multitasking?
    Is it for gaming?
    ----Let me assume gaming-----------
    The most important component for good gaming is the vga card. Get the best one you feel comfortable buying. Here is Tom's latest list:,1987.html
    I would get a strong single card, and not plan on any sli/crossfire upgrades. Whenever that time comes, it will be better to sell the old card and replace it with the newer/cheaper card.

    I like the parts you are keeping.

    I don't like the choices you are putting forward.
    The E6600 and E6850 cpu's are obsolete. Get E8400 or E8500 which runs cooler with 45nm technology.
    Liquid cooling is unnecessary. Air cooling is very good these days.

    DDR3 is not cost effective today. It is cheaper to dump your DDR2 mobo when you want to go to DDR3. You will need a new mobo when Nehalem arrives and you want to upgrade.

    If you want to change cases, look at the Antec 300, or P182 which have good cooling and washable filters.

    Get an exact match of your memory, and another 2gb, if you can. 4gb is much better. Sell your 2gb and get a 4gb kit if you have to. Games do better with 4gb, according to a Corsair
    If you have any interest in media center, get vista home premium. For a new build, get the 64 bit version.
  4. I'll try to answer your questions but this is a bit of a mystery. There are better choices for most of your "either/or" parts. I'll just answer your Qs and insert my picks as well:

    MB: The P35 is the most stable board. I would never buy it for DDR3 because DDR3 gives no performance boost. Get a decent card and don't worry about SLI. Crossfire is the preferred platform now, but you do not give a CF option.

    If you had other choices P45, x38, x48 would be better picks.

    CPU: E6600 is the better choice. Barely. They are very similar at stock speeds.

    GPU: Your problems are likely Vista related. I think the 8800 GTS is the better card, but there are other factors involved such as the company.

    Case: I'm a Silverstone fan. Whichever you think will be cooler. You have them both in front of you and are in a better position to judge. Look for airflow. Both are great cases.


    The newest version of Vista 64 is pretty good. If you can't get that, I would say stay with the XP 32 Pro. Your video cards will be happier and since you only have 2 Gigs of RAM and older games it seems the best choice for now.
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