OCing AMD Phenom 9950 BE 125w

Hi. I'm new to ocing and I just wanted help, guidance & step-by-step intructions on getting my processor to 3.3 GHz because I tried and I keep getting crashes, blue screens, boot failures, etc. The highest I had this at was 3.126GHz but it was unstable and I got a blue screen after a few hours of it running at that speed. Here are my specs:

AMD Phenom 64 x4 9950 125w Black Edition
ASUS M3N72-D motherboard
2GB Crucial 1066 RAM memory
1 TB Seagate Hard Drive
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
OCZ 600 watt Stealth X Stream psu
Scythe SCKTN-3000 Katana III cpu cooler 92x92x25mm
Samsung DVD/CD RW burner
1 120mm fan in front w/blue LED light
1 120mm fan in back
NZXT Apollo black case

I have read some guides but I don't understand them and They talk about other processors and not mine. They don't provide step-by-step instructions on how to oc. Like for instance what voltage is good, what multiplier is good, how do you do the RAM, etc, etc. I know there are pros out there, please help me out. Thanks
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  1. New to OCing and New to the THG forums.

    So first off welcome to THGF.

    I have read some guides but I don't understand them and They talk about other processors and not mine. They don't provide step-by-step instructions on how to oc. Like for instance what voltage is good, what multiplier is good, how do you do the RAM, etc, etc. I know there are pros out there, please help me out. Thanks

    So you're basically asking for someone to take you by the hand and walk you down OC lane, Right?

    To tell you exactly how to OC your computer step by step, what knowledge do you gain about OCing, by someone taking the time doing that for you?

    You must have understood something to get to 3.126G unstable, so explain how you got that far, what settings you used to get there even though its unstable?
  2. OK. What I did was set the Memory Voltage to 1.978; 1.2V HT Voltage to 1.309; NB Chip Voltage to 1.213. Then I just raised the multiplier to like 14x or 14.5x and changed the CPU frequency to like 223 and after a little while it just went out on me. I thought I had it, man. I somewhat get what these guides are talking about but the math is what gets to me. I'm not that good at math. Only a little. I do want to learn to get better. This whole thing is fun to me. I like it alot. Is Vcore the same as CPU Voltage? What about CPU-NB Mutilplier, CPU-NB Voltage? Do I mess with these? These are set to auto. My only guess is that I need liquid cooling to stabilize it.
  3. An AMD BE CPU has an unlocked multiplier, meaning you can either lower it or raise it past its default setting, its basically the easiest OC you'll ever do, what you have to do is find the proper Vcore [CPU Voltage], to run a higher multiplier.

    The most important thing you'll absolutely need to do first is set your memory slot voltage and your memory timings to your manufacturers specs manually, if you don't already know them, look them up at your manufacturers website.

    After you do that you can begin by leaving everything on auto, set your FSB to 200 your multiplier to 16X, start around 1.350v Vcore, if it won't boot into Windows raise the Vcore one setting and try again.

    Continue this trial booting until you boot into into Windows, once you successfully get booted into Windows run a benchmark like 3DM06 and see if it will complete, if it will then test further with a more serious bench until you get the proper Vcore to run the 16X multiplier, that will put you at 3.2G.

    If it won't run 06 then increase the Vcore to the next setting and try again, mine is running a 16X multiplier at 1.4250V, you may be able to run the same 3.2G at a lower voltage, with air cooling stay below 1.4500V Vcore.

    Good Luck.
  4. simply do this.. increase multiplier till gets unstable... that gives you a good idea of how high you can go on stock voltages... then if your not where you want to be up the volts till it gets stable... and increase the multiplier more or better off uping the fsb+multiplier combo but using just multiplier will do. i got my 955 to 3.71 at just 1.38~1.39 volts.. just .3 higher then stock for .5 mhz so i can easy get 3.8+ but no need for it atm
  5. Alright, it's been awhile since I've been here and this is what's going on: I did what I was told here and nothing worked so I got a Masscool liquid cooler. Right now it's runnin' at 3.1 GHz and it's stable. The temp is at 37 c; the vcore is at 1.30; the multiplier is at 15.5x; FSB 200; memory is at 7-8-8-25-33 2T, 1066MHz Crucial 2GB, DRAM Frequency 533.3 MHz, FSB:DRAM 3:8; HT Link 2000.0; NB Frequency 2000.0 MHz. I had it at 3.2 GHz but in less than an hour I got a blue screen. So far so good. Before it wasn't stable at 3.1 GHz, now it is thanks to the cooler.
  6. wow with 37 C temp man you can get alot higher volts and still be way safe lolz! your in no real danger till high 50's 63and up is to hott though... i would just up the volts a bit more to get it where you want till your temps start getting out of control (Under LOAD)
  7. Yeah, everything is cool so far at 3.1 GHz but I can't go any further because I'll get a blue screen. I don't think I can up the volts on this thing because it seems my motherboard limits me. Like for my Vcore all I have is 2 choices: ignored and 1.30. I ran a stability test on my memory and it's stable. Maybe I need a better motherboard with more OC options.
  8. haha yes, if you bought the computer built then most likely its limited to what can be done, main reason for self building is to have everything unlocked to have fun :) that sucks though cause with thoughs temps you could go really high it seems
  9. theL, sounds like you are in the wrong section in the BIOS for setting your voltages. You're in the Hardware Monitor section under the Power menu. You want to go under Advanced and then JumperFree Configuration. You will need to set AI Tuning to Manual and then you can set your CPU voltage. Your motherboard supports all kinds of overclocking options.
  10. Hello, I stumbled on this thread while doing a search and had a similiar situation. I have absolutely zero experience overclocking and only limited understanding of the terms used. I started getting the itch for something new computer wise so I thought I might try overclocking instead of spending money.

    I have the Phenom 9950 125w black edition with a MSI K9A2 Platinum 790FX MB. RAM is 8gb (yes I know overkill but it was cheap) G.Skill DDR2 800 (lat 5 with 5-5-5-15 timing). I feel like I understand latency in RAM terms (the lower the faster?) but have no idea how timing affects anything.

    Using air cooling with a Xigmatek dark knight S1283V.

    Video is 2 Sapphire HD 4850 1gb in crossfire although nothing I do seems to utilize that so I am thinking of pulling one to save heat and energy.

    I have no desire or need to get the absolute most out of this processor but I thought I would enjoy and notice a difference with a 3.0GHz over clock since stock is 2.6.

    I don't really care to become a OC wizard I just would like to see what it is like. I see alot of tips like this post and I wonder if I should just plug those settings in and see what happens or if anyone could give me instructions based on the information I have given.
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