Need a gaming monitor for under $200....

That will allow an HD 4870 to "Show off". Im on a budget, and Im having a heck of a time trying to figure out what would be good. I have a couple Im looking at, but dont know what to look for...!!! lol Any help is MUCH appreciated. Like I said, I really need help. If possible, I think having a 5ms or lower LCD would be best from what Ive read. :) Thanks
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  1. For a 4870 to show off you would be better off with a 24" at 1920x1200, but those monitors start at 300.

    You can however get a 22" monitor with 2ms response time and 1680x1050 resolution for about ~$200.
  2. What do you think about this monitor? I would really like to use Samsung.. :)
  3. What monitor? LOL
  4. LoL My bad. Anyways, I found the monitor I want, now I have to wait till its back in stock. :(
  5. Desertfoxx41 said:
    LoL My bad. Anyways, I found the monitor I want, now I have to wait till its back in stock. :(

    It states "Deactivate Item" which usually means does not intend on restocking for a number of reasons. The most likely reason is the monitor may no longer be produced by ASUS.
  6. Seems kinda funny you spent $$$$$$$$ on a high end card and don't have enough left for a decent 24" monitor. Youd be looking at a used 22" 1680x1050 LCD with that $200 budget. What monitor do you currently have now?
  7. I dunno the model, but its some Dell that came with the PC 5 years ago. lol
    After reading a number of reviews, their are more than enough quality LCD Monitors to play High end games on. I found one Acer that is nice.

    @Jaguar, they are still selling that monitor, they had just put it on sale for $179, and the sold out in a couple days, and have to find a new supplier. If you click on the question mark, it explains it. Im not gonna get that LCD anyways.

    Heres what Ive found-
  8. By the way, 24" is to big, Id like a 22" or lower. :)
  9. My dad also thinks any monitor over 24" is too big. Bah I think anything up to 40" is reasonable. I have a 32" LCD TV that im returning because I want 1080p and it's gonna be 37" or 42"

    The biggest "official" monitor is currently 30" but lots of people use their LCD TV as giant monitors. I expect to see 32", 35" and 40" "official" monitors get released in the next few years at 2560x1600, 3200x2000 and 3840x2400 for the 40" unless they decide to go 16:9 which they should, it's better than 16:10 for the eyes :)
  10. There is a good deal valid TODAY ONLY (oct 15) on a 24 inch Dell

    Its over your 200 limit, but its still a great deal and you wont find much better. Im pulling the trigger on it myself.
  11. I have to say, I still prefer a CRT, and good ones are *very* cheap, eg. Dell P1130,
    max res 2048 x 1536. In the US I've seen these go for as little as $25 on eBay,
    though $45 or $50 is more typical, eg. check items 250307418149 and 230300800326.
    Other models use the same tube or support the same max res:

    SGI C220-A
    HP P1130 22"
    HP P1230 22"
    Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB
    Sony G550
    VIEWSONIC 22" P220F
    NEC MultiSync FP1375X 22"
    ViewSonic G810

    CRTs are obviously big and use more power, but the picture quality, fast
    resonse, high-res, etc. just can't be matched by TFTs/LCDs yet. Running
    Oblivion/Stalker at 2K res is glorious. 8)

    Trouble with flat screens is the response time sucks for those models that
    run at high resolutions, and the contrast ratios drop. Looking for a screen
    that was no more than 2ms response and at least 5000:1 contrast ratio,
    the highest res I could find was 1280 x 1024 (various models of LG). And
    then there's the cost of course.

    Unless the extra space taken up by a CRT bothers you, the cheaper cost
    more than covers any extra power consumption compared to buying a flat
    screen. Key thing is just to check with the seller that the screen is in good
    condition, no scratches, picture ok, etc.

  12. Problem is they don't make larger than 21"(20 viewable) CRT otherwise I would have bought one years ago. I am moving on to a 42"(or around that) LCD TV 1920x1080. Yes my CRT can technicially do 2048x1536 but text is too small and blurry to read without tremendous effort. Could be a VGA limitation. I also notice text gradually gets less clear as I increase the refresh rate. Realistically, the max would be 1280x960 at 100Hz on a high end CRT. Lower refresh rates flicker and hurt my eyes. High resolutions are unusable on "only" 21 inches. This comming from a guy whos avoided LCD monitors till a month ago!
  13. I dont need a monitor that is more than 21"....hmmm...Ill check into the CRT ones. Any suggestions? Id be willing to spend upwards to $100 on one.
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