What could have happened? :S

My computer just restarted it self and when it came back up again I got these weird colors and signs when booting up windows?
Any idea what `s wrong of fried? :S

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  1. Artifacts like that (especially red) usually mean failing/corrupt graphics processor.
  2. looks like a bad GPU
    what where u doing when this occured?
    Does windows start up @ all?
  3. I was going to start up Counter Strike Source, but before i even could load steam the pc just restarted and the colors popped up on my screen.
    I can hear windows start up but there`s no picture at all
  4. heh I got the same thing on an old nForce on-board GPU last night. mine was green though.

    GPU definately dead or overheating (check that the fan is still working).
  5. Looks like something that happened to me, my mother board got fried
  6. power supply could be failing since it restarted
  7. but does the PC start and run @ the desktop w/o any problems?
    it seems like the GPU, but if there are issues at idle, than it may be something else
  8. yeah most probally the video ram on the card is stuffed, time for an RMA or an excuse to buy a better card ;)
  9. My suspicion: your machine restarted because an overstressed PSU shut down. As it did, it sent a damaging spike through the +12V rail feeding your graphics card, toasting it. What brand and model of PSU do/did you have?
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