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I have (2) 500MB MyBooks and bought a Linksys WRT610N because of the USB storage capabilities. Well the configuration requirements are a nightmare and not user friendly!! Many complaints on the Linksys forum related to complicated configuation and the NAS connection drops every 24 hours, with no word from Linksys when the situation will be improved.

Anyway I'm ready to replace the router for something more user friendly. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm using an XP system, a USB hub to connect the two external drives, would prefer the NTFS drive format versus FAT, and looking for an N router.

Anyone know of a router that will fill my needs and be a little more user friendly? Thanx in advance!
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  1. I've been looking at a Netgear that has that also. The Netgear site says $190 but Best Buy has it for $170 normal price. (The Linksys you bought is $200 at Best Buy)

  2. lol netgear rocks!
  3. I agree, always been happy with my Netgear products... this is the first Linksys I've tried, and not impress! I see the Netgear USB support will ahndle NTFS, which is great... one of my needs!! But does anyone have first hand experience with this router?
  4. Best Buy's web site (yes, I like Best Buy, it is because I work there) has it at 4.6/5 over 28 reviews.

    Link to read them.
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