Recommended Phenom II x4 cpu cooler?

Hey there, Is this cpu cooler Aywun RADI V6 CPU Cooler good enough to cool my phenom II x2 550 as a phenom II x4 b50 with the cores unlocked at safe temps? my stock heatsink on the cpu isnt good enough it runs to hot underload as a quad.

im on a budget of $45 new zealand so please don't recommend $60-150 american dollar top of the line cpu's
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  1. or what about a CoolerMaster Vortex 752 or a 3Rsystem Iceage 120... frosty tech recommends the icerage 120 but that is a boss II 1 or something like that. heres a review that has it listed 2nd 1 under top 1.
  2. anyone?
  3. how about these?


    the arctic freezer 7 pro is for intel but the arctic freezer 64 pro i think is for amd.
    im hoping the buffalo 1 would be good.
  4. well the 120mm fans are well over my price range my question is that will it cool this cpu as a Phenom II x4 B50 @ 3.1Ghz no overclock.
  5. Zalman CNPS9500A is around $45 on

    Its made for AM2 but my friend slapped it on his AM3 and it worked fine.
  6. digital0ne said:
    Zalman CNPS9500A is around $45 on

    Its made for AM2 but my friend slapped it on his AM3 and it worked fine.

    that zalman is over $100 in nz. im sold though. im going with the buffalo. this has really really good reviews. the latest review by rob is doing the same thing as me but he is overclocking aswell as unlocking and he is getting really good temps so im sold.
  7. Quote:
    None of those tests were done with a X4 processor though.

    Well to be honest i haven't seen 1 cooler review that cools it on a quad core. but on that frosty tech site it was beating about alot of the other coolers including the zalman 9500. look in his description, look at the results on a intel quad.

    Im kind of trying to proof to you that its good but im just trying to see if you would take another look on it, because it sounds like your just looking at the price and automaticaly thinking its going to be crap because it is cheap. I think im going to buy it anyway but yes.
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