Recovering Bios profile

I'm new here and new to the forum.
I purchased a pre-built, overclocked, water cooled system some time ago.

Some Basics
CPU: I7 975
Heat Block: Heatkiller R3.0
Radiator: 2-Radiator system, Feser Dual 240 down / smaller 240 above.
Operating System: Vista 64
Mobo: ASUS P6T / Bios 0603 / 1336 socket
Video Cards: 2 - NVIDIA / BFG GTX 280's / H20 / BFG GeForce GTX 280
Mem: 12 GB Mushkin ddr 1550 +/- 50mHz

Anyhow, the system begn to fail soon after purchase (note to self - never purchase a pre-built system from functionally illiterate ebay gamer / system builder). Eventually, system completely frozen. System reverted back to stock settings. I've had the system re-wired (system wiring, upon inspection, was a complete mess). Water cooling had to be re-plumbed (pinched hoses - just a poor job). Now, system is stable, and would like to implement overclocking as before as a starting point.
My problem is, when using AI Tweaker, I'm unable to use either of the two profiles that were set up with the system. When I specify one of thwo profiles, the system won't recognize either.

My question, is there a way to retrieve these settings, so that they may be re-entered on AI Tweaker?
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  1. not sure it would be wise to retrieve the illiterate gamer's profile, and fairly simpleto just make one yourself. just the cpu is water-cooled? or the cpu and video?
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your response. I'm dubious too insofar as using this guy's settings, but would like to at least retrieve the file for comparison to present settings. The system is water cooled. The cpu and video card is water cooled.
    I'm new to this and haven't seen many entries for sample i7 975 systems. The setup for the water cooling system, I'm checking now - it seems to be a problem as well. The builder used parts that had been used, and I'm having to replace some of them now.
    The water cooling system goes something like this:

    - well, that didn't turn out the way I expected, let me study this for awhile and I'll submit a graphic that describes the cooling layout.

    Any suggestions about where to start insofar as seeking out initial settings for overclocking this setup?
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