Need help with Dell XPS 420 Memory & PSU

I just bought a used Dell XPS 420 with 4 512=2GB & want to upgrade to 4 2GB= 8GB. I have 4 slots using the Intel Q6600 Chip and I know I don’t need 8GB now but I want to buy it all now because I want it to match and prices are down plus I want to run 64bit Vista.

My problem is I want a better brand like OCZ in the (2x2048) kits and my memory is (Dual Channel) (DDR2 SDRAM) (PC2-6400) (800 MHZ) (240 PIN) but everything that has that application runs at (2.1 Volt) and higher and I was told that Dell Motherboards only can accept (1.8 Volt) and the only OCZ with (1.8) is not Dual here’s the link

So what’s a quality company to buy for what I need at about $60.00 a kit? Direct links and actual kit sets with the specs I need would be great.

Second I want to upgrade my PSU that is 375w & was told that the Dell PSU is just horrible, cheap and under powered.

So what is a quality PSU that fits, runs cool, & really quiet and what wattage to go with if I want to upgrade my Video Card to a NVIDIA 9800 gx2 & adding another hard drive because I currently have only 1?

I like this one but I have no idea if it is compatible

Sorry for the long post but I trying to get this all done within the next two weeks.
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  1. I also have Dell XPS 420 that i have upgraded. I went up to 4GB of RAM(4x1gb). They are 1.9v and run great. Here is what i have,

    I also upgraded my PSU to a PC Power Cooling 750w.
    It fits tight but is very powerful and quiet and can run my GTX 260 just fine. Any ATX PSU should work just fine. Go with at least a 600w and a high quality brand.
  2. thewingnut13 will these work fine with my setup even if there rated 1.9, and you did them with 1gb sticks but I will be using 2gb sticks & double your memory at 8gb?

    Do you install only one 2GB first then install vista 64 or can I install them all before the install? I heard people having problems with this.

    Also their is someone selling a used EVGA Geforce 9800 GX2 1GB, 2GPUs, True Hidef with 2DVI and 1HDMI and his computer was a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 OC'd to 3.5GHZ in a Antec 900 case water cooled.

    Do you think it a smart buy for $100.00 or do you think it been taken to it’s max with possible problems in the future?

    What type of video cards go in are computer because I have not looked in to this yet just saw a used high end cheap?
  3. I installed all the RAM at the same time and had no problem at all. I would just try that first. As for the used GPU, its not really safe to buy used products that have been OC'ed. Thier life span have been decreased greatly. I would go with a new unit. Go for a PCI express x16 card. If you are wanting a good card for right now go with a 9800GT but if you are wanting to future proof go with a higher in card like the GTX 260.
  4. All DDR2 ram is dual channel if used in pairs and the motherboard supports dual channel.

    If it dont post with the higher volt ram all you got to do is use the stock stuff and up the voltages in the bios if it lets you, and you will be fine. If there is no Dram volt options I would get to crazy on the ram voltage requirements. If there is a option to change it do so with stock ram then put in the new ram.
  5. Thingwingnut13 I was comparing the 9800 GX2 to both GTX 260 & 280 and on the reviews people are loving the 260 but compared to the GX2 it does not have a HDMI out port that I want to hookup to my 1080p TV so in the future I can buy a blu ray burner player for the computer & be able to watch it on the TV, rather it comes with a cable with DVI to HDMI.

    Is their a quality loss when changing DVI to HDMI and is their a company that makes the GTX 260 or 280 with a HDMI port?

    Also what is this SLI that is mentioned on the PSU and many people are talking about, does it mean running dual cards?

    Good looking out on the Memory & PSU, I ordered them yesterday and it feels good to know that someone has used these in a manufactured unit like the XPS because Dells can be a pain in the ass.
  6. There is a slight quality loss. I would go with the card that has the output you need. Let me know if everything works alright in there. Good Luck.
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