Asus P5N-E SLI 650i + 2X 9600GT SLI

i got a friend which got a 650i+9600GT now and he feel the needs of upgrade but here comes the problem his mobo support SLI and i know it will runs at 8x/8x on the 650i chipset. so do you guys think it will limit the 2 9600GT to work at their max? his PSU everything else is capable. just the mobo thats the problem!
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  1. Maybe a lil, but nto too much. Wont really be noticeable
  2. because i see the 9600GT is PCI-E2.0 and 650i is PCI-E1.0 which by itself only provide half of what the 9600GT needs(if the game has so much data) and when SLIed that already halfed bandwidth gets half again. so the 9600GT only got 1 quarter of what he needs.

  3. Because the card is pci2 doesnt mean it runs faster. 8x is plenty . If theres a loss at all, like I said, it wont be seen
  4. alright thanks i think i will jsut get him another 9600GT to rip him off then!LOL
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