Sata 2 hard drive in sata 1 laptop

Hi I am planning to upgrade my laptops internal 320gb hard drive to a faster 7200rpm 500gb hard drive.

I have decided I will give my brother my old hard drive so he could upgrade his laptops 250gb hard drive with my old 320gb hard drive.

My laptop uses sata 2 and his uses sata 1 and I am wondering if he would run into any problems using my old hard drive or can he just put it in and it will work?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. He will be fine to use your old 320GB drive.
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    Sata1/2/3 are backward compatible, only limitation could be speed and maybe lack of some advanced function as they need both sata controler and drives to support them to work.
    But I doubt 5400rpm drive can saturate 1.5Gb/s.
  3. Thanks, I did a bit of googleing and it I came across something about jumpers and about setting the jumper to make the drive operate in 1.5GB/s mode would I be correct?
  4. You shouldn't need to set a jumper. It should work flawlessly with no need to mess with anything like that.
  5. just out of curiosity, is it neccessary to set the jumpers on my wd 160gb SATA II drive to run in SATA I mode if im using an older MOBO that only has SATA I?
  6. You shouldn't have to.
  7. oh i did it anyway but i forgot to do it on my new c2d build
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