E8400/P5N-D TCase temp wrong?

Hi. I recently put together a new computer (with the help of this forum) that includes an Intel E8400 processor and an Asus P5N-D motherboard. I've done quite some research into the topic of overclocking and I learned about the different temperature readings like TCase and TJunction. From my understanding, TCase temperature is the CPU temperature and the TJunction temperatures are the core temperatures. Also, heat builds up in the cores and spreads out and so it would make sense that the core temperature readings would be higher than the cpu temperature reading... right? I thought so, but after using countless programs to monitor my temperatures I've noticed that my CPU temperature is always higher than my core temperatures.

Take right now for example, Everest, SpeedFan and Asus Probe II are both reporting my CPU temp as 46. Everest and Core Temp both say my core temps are 44 and 40.

Even under heavy load from Prime95 these stats are consistent. CPU Temp of 65 on all the aforementioned programs and core temps of 59/54.

So is CPU Temp supposed to be higher than the Core Temps or is something not right with this scenario?
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  3. I have the same problem. I have an ASUS sabertooth x58 with an I7 950 and my CPU and Core Temps are always skewed differently after each boot. Also When I open Probe 2 after Core Temp the #'s are always closer in relation to each other. Bad Bios programing is my answer or maybe just a glitch in the the CPU it's self. Every processor is different. I have been climbing the walls trying to figure out why my temps are too high. Reseating and tweaking voltages. I now believe that my CPU or Mobo are the culprit and not my air cooler. It's somthing you'll have to work around or find a fix for. Perhaps a 3rd party fan control software can calibrate somthing accurate for your full time use (my only option it seems). Good luck!
  4. Just to update. I turned on manual fan controls in my bios and am now exclusively using Core Temp and the windows core usage monitor gadget that goes with it. Everyone says that the cores are about 5 degrees warmer than the Tcase temps (CPU) Anyways whats odd is I had found a bad ram module and taken out the kit for RMA and with the remaining 4 stick I seem to have dropped a few degrees on average? Can bad ram do that? I can't remember but I think my temps were also high before the new ram I installed. Also I preformed a Bios update with no luck inbetween all of this. Seems odd to me!
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