Xfx 9600 GSO 1GB card

my system spec are as follows
3.40 ghz Intel cpu
2gb's of ram
windows XP SP3
latest nvidia drivers

Hey so I got myself the XFX 9600 1gb DDR2, I had a ATi Radeon HD 2600 Pro PCI-E but it died in 6 months. I didn't even overclock that P.o.s. I am haven some trouble with my card I got it because I didn't want to get a new mobo, cpu, ram ect... just so I could get a newer video card this looked cheap and the reviews seemed good but the only game that has really ran outstanding is the new Batman game which was great. So I got EVGA Precision on here to overclock it raised the fan speed to 55 and started to mess around with the shader clocking and core clocking and since no one has a guide out there that I could find using the 9600 gso 1gb I have no idea what is withen its limits I don't want to fry the damn thing even though it does have a a good warranty. Right now I have it on

But 425 for the memory? that just sounds really low I mean my 2600's core was clocked at around 800 if I remember correctly anyone got any ideas or some number for clocking this damn thing?
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  1. Hi I also have a 9600 GSO 1gb ddr2 and yes it is pretty slow but I am running core speed 700 shader 1634?? i think and memory 475 completely stable and I am not sure what exactly the parameters on this card is but it never exceeds 62c and seems to be stable. The reason the memory speed is so low is because it is running the older DDR2 which runs at much lower frequencies and is not very helpful in gaming vs the much faster GDDR3.

    P.S. I only plan on having this card until the new DX11 come out for Nvidia.
  2. I want to get a DD3 vid card man but that would mean a whole new mobo, cpu, ram, and I don't have the money for it :pfff:
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