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Before I finally make the plunge with my wallet I wanted to get the vote from people who have OWNED and USED motherboards from one, some, or all manufacturers listed for at least 6 months at a time.

I limited the the vote to 3 choices, because there are probably a couple her who have had experience from half of these manufacturers and I wanted to get those particular people to really think about their votes. I am pretty aware that GB and ASUS are safe bets, because people everywhere praise them but I would also like to know if saving $10-25 is worth it by going with the alternative companies.

At least MSI and FOXCONN offer 3 year warranties, but I vaguely remember a complaint about MSI's customer service (just one so it is pretty insignificant, but it has me concerned).
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  1. Your concern is valid. But most of the board makers will make you jump through hoops to get an rma processed quickly. Ecs is one board maker that is frequently trashed, but some of the criticism is undiserved. I am very happy if a board lasts at least 3 years without any problems. I have several socket 775 spares right now, so I won't have to worry about upgrading for a long time when one fails.
  2. This voting system is absolutely idiotic! You have an option either to vote or to see results! WTF, what is the point to vote when you cannot see results, or what is the point to see results when you wont be able to vote !?
    Well, I clicked on "see results" and didn't saw any results, so I'm unable to vote now, nor to see the results :fou:
  3. I would have to say ASUS is thee best far and away.

    My wife has had 2 of them.

    I am currently running on an MSI AM2 board.

    I will say 2 good things about MSI
    - They had an easy to fill out rebate and got my check to be before any of my rebates from other companies came in.
    - Their customer service was surperb. I have had them go out of their way for me twice and they are very quick to respond to emails. I have nothing but praise for their tech support.

    Despite that though I think ASUS has higher quality standards in manufacturing and they tend to have the most innovative features.

    I would not hesitate to buy from MSI again however If I was going for top notch quality I would go with ASUS.
  4. There are 8 manufacturer's. Why do you say only three choices? I voted ASUS. I'd place Gigabyte second. I've also owned MSI, but had mixed results. I haven't owned the other brands. Asrock is an ASUS budget brand, if I recall.

    Here's my experiences with AMD boards:

    1 ASUS 690G in my wife's PC. No issues for two years. (X2 3800+ CPU)

    1 ASUS 780G in my son's PC. No issues for seven months. (X2 4200+)

    1 MSI Nvidia 405 in my PC. Used it for one year. Had to have it RMA'd due to MSI Live Update's failure to install the correct bios (but I had an identical spare due to getting the first board at Newegg and the second bundled with a CPU at Fry's). I don't blame the board, I blame their software. (X2 4600+)

    1 MSI 690V in my PC. No issues for the one year I used it. I didn't even try to update the bios with MSI Live. (x2 4600+).

    I replaced the MSI Nvidia 405 board with an MSI 690V so I could upgrade to a 3870x2. That chipset board didn't support ATI cards of the X300 to X800 and later. MSI support told me to go with an Nvidia card, so I had a 7600gs until I upgraded both board and graphics card.

    1 Gigabyte 780G for the past two months. The oddity with this board is that I've turned it on twice and found the network not recognized. I solved the problem by reinstalling the drivers. I should e-mail Gigabyte about it, as I've not encountered this on any other board I've ever owned. Needless to say, I keep the diskette handy and if worse comes to worse, I could use my wife's or son's PC to get the drivers off the net.

    I got the Gigabyte board because it won the customer choice award at Newegg while getting good reviews at various sites. Other than the network oddity, it's been a decent board. (8750 Toliman).

    IMHO, every manufacturer can have a badly designed board, you can get a DOA board from Newegg (never did, but others have) and you can have bad experiences with a single board from any manufacturer, but overall ASUS boards have been the best I've owned. I'm thinking of replacing the Gigabyte 780 board with an ASUS 790GX board with a 750 SB.
  5. I also had good experience with msi customer service. My hp board is made by msi, but I changed it to an ecs g33 board yesterday just to get 2 extra memory slots. The ecs board works ok; I flashed the bios without incident, and was able to use a dell oem vista cd to reload vista and register my hp vista license online without a phone call. Hardest part was reading that damn coa sticker.
  6. I have found the ASROCK board(a spin-off of ASUS),to be reliable stock runners.I have owned a couple MSI boards and found them to also be decent.However,my bet is with the ASUS or GIGA-BYTE boards as these have shown to be the most reliable and the overclocking of these boards is quite adequit for the experienced user.Goodluck.


    X2 5600+ (3.2)
    4X1GIG DDR2 800 IN DC MODE
    EVGA GTX 260
    ACER 22IN WS LCD 1680X1050
    250GIG HD/500GIG HD
  7. yonef said:
    This voting system is absolutely idiotic! You have an option either to vote or to see results! WTF, what is the point to vote when you cannot see results, or what is the point to see results when you wont be able to vote !?
    Well, I clicked on "see results" and didn't saw any results, so I'm unable to vote now, nor to see the results :fou:
    It is a way of trying to make sure you vote with YOUR own opinion. Seeing the results might sway some people into making voting decisions that they might not have made prior to seeing what everyone else is dong.
  8. MSI and Gigabyte. ASUS has been hit or miss for me, this P5Q Pro is the first ASUS board ive had that has worked correctly from the get go and so far. Ive had an ASUS Nforce 570 SLi die on me, and a P5B Deluxe Wifi that never booted correctly and died a slow and painful death.

    If it was sane or economical I would sell my current ASUS P45 and buy a Gigabyte one.
  9. I voted for Asus had 2 boards, Gigabyte have 1 board and MSI had 5 boards (currently have 2). if given a change I would have voted for DFI as well all though I have never had a board from them (usually a tad more expensive).
    The only board I have owned that I ran into a problem with was 2 year old ECS nforce 4 x4 socket 754 that one of the loops holding the north bridge fan popped out and fried the north bridge when the fan was lying at the bottom of the case.
  10. I'd say for budget computing (and general use) ECS is very good. I've used it about 3 times now with no problems.
    With ASUS i've had only 1 problem way back in '97 (problematic CPU slot)
    MSI is also very good, i've used them a couple of times and no problems.
    i must say though that i don't overclock or fine tune any of the boards' settings ever, I just run on default or stock settings.
  11. Results as of Today
    40.9 % 9 votes ASUS
    27.3 % 6 votes MSI
    18.2 % 4 votes GIGABYTE
    4.5 % 1 vote DFI
    4.5 % 1 vote BIOSTAR
    4.5 % 1 vote ASROCK
    0.0 % 0 vote JETWAY
    0.0 % 0 vote FOXCONN
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