920 D0 @ 3.8Ghz; Help to 4Ghz?

MOBO: GA-EX58-UD3R -- rev. 1.6 -- BIOS FB (latest non-beta BIOS)
CPU: i7 920 D0 @ 3.82Ghz
RAM: OCZ Obsidian 3x2GB 1600Mhz @ 1530Mhz
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
CPU COOLER: Scythe Mugen 2 (AS5)

CPU: 20x191 @ 3.82Ghz
MEM: 8x191 @ 1528Mhz
QPI: 36x191 @ 6.876Ghz
UNCORE: 17x191 @ 3.247Ghz

Vcore: 1.25v
QPI/VTT: 1.175v
DRAM: 1.64v

Idle CPU 43c, not lower than 41c // Load CPU 68c, not higher than 70c

Stable through the first four self-tests in Prime95 Small FFTs (roughly 1hr:10min). Stable through plenty of Cinebench runs. Stable through Vantage. Stable through everything I've done for a few days, including Photoshop CS4, COD4, Vantage, Crysis, The Withcer, Mass Effect, and Anno 1404. I consider this STABLE.

I want to know what I should modify to stabilize 4Ghz. If it helps, this is how I got to where I am:

1. I set the volts as listed above. All multipliers as listed above. Set the Base Clock to 140. STABLE.
2. Base Clock to 150. Stable.
3. 160. Stable.
4. 170...180...190...Stable.
5. 200 = BSOD pretty quick into Prime95 (almost instantly). Confirmed multiple times.
6. 195 = BSOD within first Prime95 self-test. Confirmed.
7. 190x21 (via TurboBoost ON, the only time throughout these trials) = BSOD within first Prime95 self-test. Confirmed.
7. Vcore down 1 notch to 1.24375v. TurboBoost OFF (190x20). BSOD within the first Prime95 self-test. Confirmed multiple times.
8. Vcore back up to 1.25v. VTT down 1 notch to 1.55v. BSOD within first Prime95 self-test. Confirmed twice.
9. VTT back up to 1.75v. Vcore still back at 1.25. Base Clock up to 191. STABLE. This is where I'm at now, with specs listed at the top of this post.
10. 4Ghz via 200x20 with various combinations of higher Vcore and VTT. All BSOD during Windows loading or Prime95 or Cinebench. The volts which allowed me to load Windows with 4Ghz seemed to put me at an idle temp of 49c, which I intend to avoid (was always accompanied by a load temp of 76+ which I also intend to avoid).

I assume I've achieved the highest clock that these volts will maintain, and I'm very satisfied with the temps and performance. I wouldn't mind the tiny boost to 4Ghz, and I'm sure I can stabilize it if I just know what to change, so long as the idle temps don't go over 48c, and the load temps don't go over 76c. I plan on increasing the base clock in increments of 1, can you guys suggest which voltage changes should accompany these increases in order to maintain stability?

Thanks :D
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  1. I have a CO/C1, for getting it stable on 4gigahertz I have to set the vcore to 1.33, running prime95 gets the temps to just below 80, so to my un professional eyes you need to increase vcore :)

    oh, I put QPI on 1.3, and I idle dead on 41c.
  2. I had to do 1.3v on Vcore to get my D0 to 4.0GHz. I idle around 55C with OCCT. CoreTemp shows 52C on highest core. I always use OCCT though.
  3. Yeah thats really hot lol. Kinda what I want to avoid. For me, Real Temp shows hotter themps than Everest, so I go by Real Temp...

    I thought it was common to achieve 4Ghz easy on a D0, with low 40s Idle, and low 70s load...

    I mean, I'm using Scythe Mugen 2 this things a cooling monster. I'm also 9 base clocks away from 4Ghz with only 1.175VTT and 1.25Vcore, so I'd hate to have to increase the volts so much just to achive a tiny boost with much hotter temps (4Ghz @ 1.35 VTT and Vcore last time got me 49c idle and 79c load).
  4. Just curious: What was the highest settings that you could run with TurboBoost on?
  5. I haven't tested it because I've been sticking to the x20 multiplier. I tried turboboost once to get 190x21 (3.990Ghz) with 1.35vcore and VTT. Result = BSOD.
  6. I'd try to play with UNCORE setting

    UNCORE: 17x191 @ 3.247Ghz seems high with GA-EX58-UD3R mobo.

    I've noticed my GA-EX58-UD3R mobos didn't like high UNCORE. So I set so it's below 3GHZ.
  7. Whats wrong with 3.8Ghz?

    There was an article either here or on Anand that quantified the performance and efficiency of the 920 when overclocked and the conclusion was that while at 3.8Ghz the 920 run either at stock voltage or only slightly above and is very fast and efficient. Going to 4Ghz, required a significant boost in voltage, shot up thermals and yielded only slightly better performance at the cost of higher watts and thermal requirements. My 920 has run up to 4.2Ghz but I had to goose the voltages and the temps on the VREG made me nervous so for daily use I idle it around 3.8Ghz and only bump it up if I want to run some benchmarks. The benchmarks get boring after a while.
  8. Quote:
    Why do you need 4ghz? Small e-peen?

    lol. i swear that one of these days someone is going to come up with an extreme cpu cooler called 'huge e-peen' or a whole numbered class of coolers: d00d, i just got the "Nerd Factor 9 cooler, it's totally rad!"
  9. yea it was called the vapochilll ls :P
  10. ps i have one
  11. rkaye said:
    lol. i swear that one of these days someone is going to come up with an extreme cpu cooler called 'huge e-peen' or a whole numbered class of coolers: d00d, i just got the "Nerd Factor 9 cooler, it's totally rad!"

    Or just start the brands "Nerd Factor" and "E-Peen". HAhaha.

    "Bruh wut mobo u use?"
    "E-Peen Deluxe 3oz. That sh** OCs tough."

    "Dude wut case u use?"
    "Nerd Factor HAF 950, what else?"
  12. I could push my D0 to 3.8 without upping the voltage with the stock fan but the temps werent good so I put it back to normal and then pumped it up to 4ghz stable when my TRUE came in with 1.27 volts and never going above 70c at full load, idle is at 29 to 38 from highest to lowest core on coretemp. Not sure if its worth going to 4.2. Is there a big diff in performance between 4ghz and 4.2?
  13. Why don't you just buy H50 Close Circuit water cooler put a second 120M fan on it it costs about 40/50 euro here that should decrase your tempereture by a significant amount and that way u can bump the voltage some more without having to worry about the temp
  14. the h50 isnt suitable for a oc'd 920, your better off with a good aircooler
  15. Quote:
    Why do you need 4ghz? Small e-peen?

    Hahaha this
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