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First of all i know how to overclock i just can't get it to run stable, im don't mean artifacts either. The card literaly over hits in a split second. As soon is a start a game at anything above the factory setting it overheats. My case gets great airflow its an antec 900 with and an additional side fan pulling hot air from the card out of the case. I need to know is there anyway to get around this. Ohh and my fan on the card is running at 55%.
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  1. That should not happen. I have the exact same configuration as you, but I have My card oced, with the fan running at default speed. It never gets above 80C. I must also ask your temps, and if you expirience any problems with your games?
  2. when it is default i get no problems , but the card crashes when it is overclocked to 690/1110 like i loaded TF2 with all hi and AA x4 and it crashed instantly and it turned it back on after 3 minutes and the temps where 69 C. i ran it for like 40 min on 650/1000 and it still crashed any help. Ohh and i used the auto tune for the first overclock.
  3. You could try reinstalling and cleaning the drivers, update to the latest drivers, or try to see if one of the drivers allows for greatest stability. Low temps does not guarranty that the card will clock high. Some just cant go much higher than stock no matter how cold you get them. Does it crash on stock settings? and what PSU do you have?
  4. yeah, i have my 4850 at 700 and 1150. There is no problem. My fan is at 35% and the card is 53.0C idle, 70C full load. I'd recommend checking the PSU. Im running a Thermaltake Toughpower Modular 750W.
  5. i have a CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V

    it does not crash on stock settings. see it is stable until i start a game and give it a load (this is while it is overclocked)
  6. Download expertool. It will help you out with overclocking your card. And it has fan control.
  7. let me ask a question does it help it from crashing because i can overclock it and it will run stable till i run a game
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