Emachine with product key, but no disc

I am cleaning up my neighbors XP Home Edition emachine. (again) Mom and 3 teenagers use this machine. Viruses, trojans and exploits, oh my!
The machine is so bloated that it is time to start over with a clean install. They have misplaced/lost the OEM disc and a previous tech installed a new hard drive and installed the OS. There is no longer a repair partition.

Having upgraded my machines to Win7, I have XP Pro discs collecting dust. Is there a way to install XP Pro using the neighbors XP Home Product Key?
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  1. The neighbors product key is an OEM license. The OEM, Retail, and upgrade disks require are limited to disks of the same type. OEM keys will work with OEM disks, retail with retail disks and upgrade key with upgrade disks. If you have an XP home OEM disk, regardless of source, it would work.

    Since your disks are XP PRO and the key is XP home, It will not work.

    But a home OEM disk should be easy enough to find. Any Dell XP home disk would work and any shop would have one lying around.
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