Intel SSD bought used?

i bought a intel ssd from provantage for 230 dollars. 80gb ssd gen 2 drive
i was wondering for the people who bought it, was the back of the drive look like smugged, because my drive looks like it was painted bad in the factory or something.
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  1. A picture would really help. You can see how a brand new X25-M G2 should look like here:
    they said they can Rma it and it would come in FEBUARY -_-
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    Hook it up to your system and look at the SMART data to see how many power on hours it has.
  4. ^+1.

    That drive looks like it's been used before.
  5. Well, all my parts havnt came yet and i will check the SMART data, but i dont think its been used before becuase the seal package thing was sealed and when i plugged it in, it wasnt even format to the nsft or watever
  6. I bought Intel X25-M recently, it is good use.

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