8400m GT 256mb vs. Quadro 140m 128mb, better for Architect?

Hey guys, sorry for the double post, don't know which thread this topic belongs, but I'm out in the market looking for a laptop so I can do my design on. I work with autocad, adobe illustrator, Rhino 4.0(3d design) + vray/maxewll (lighting simulator program), all in which require heavy memory I assume.

Right now these two laptops that I am looking at around my price range have the following video cards

Nvidia 8400m GT 256mb


Quadro 140m 128mb
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  1. both links are broken. But since you use 3d imaging The quadro Card will be much faster due to the fact that they enhance Quadro drivers to have much higher performance in openGL based software like the ones you use. Plus you get Nvidia's support with the Quadro cards if you have any software difficulties.
  2. yeah neither of the links work, but as terror said, the quadro card would give you better overall performance because it's specifically designed for the kind of work you plan on using it for.
  3. Sony doesnt make that great of a notebook. first, it is that they load a bunch of crapware on the system. Not good if you want something clean for business or design. Lenovo make great notbooks that will far surpass the viao for what you need it for. Basically you are paying for quality and support. Because Lenovo is a business class notbook supplier, you should be able to get much better support than viao. I would upgrade the memory on the lenovo to 2gb for better performance though.

    Edit: The Lenovo will run much faster anyway because of the P8100 processor.
  4. awesome.

    in your opinion, what would you get if you were looking for a laptop under 1000?

    it doesn't have to be the laptops that I suggested
  5. Personally, I wouldnt buy a laptop. Most of what I do is at home, plus I need the power and customizability that I can't get with a laptop. Most of what I do is gaming anyway... But if I would ever need to buy a laptop I would use it purely for websurfing and writing. So something along the lines of a netbook like the EEE or MSIwind would be good for everything else I need.
  6. I need a laptop for mobility and stuff. To get in and out of the studio
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