Weird Taskbar Problem, Anyone?

Hi folks, I've been having a weird problem happening with my 1TB External "My Book" showing a blank, white file after about 24 hours of being active on my taskbar.

As you can see in the image below, it shows 8 folders, then a white file icon. If I move the taskbar at all, or reset the My Book toolbar, it will refresh and delete the icon, but I'm just curious if anyone knows why it shows up in the first place. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!.

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  1. The drive could be shutting off due to inactivity, this would disconnect it and the white icon could be a place holder. It also explains why the icon goes back to normal after you refresh it. Go into power option and prevent the hard drives from shutting down. Also disable usb selective suspend. See if that changes anything. If it doesn't im still willing to bet the mybook itself is going into a suspended state.
  2. Edit: nevermind, didn't read 2nd post properly
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