Pentiun E5200 overclocking on P5KPL/1600 HELP !

:hello: Hi , does anyone know how to safely overclock pentium E5200 on Asus P5KPL/1600 motherboard ? So far I can tell u thats it works just fine at 2,87GHz , what about more ??? does it safe ??? I'll appreciate any help.Thanx ! :wahoo:
Pshemax :hello:
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  1. I have mine running at 3.6ghz with 1.36v, its been running like that about a year now, no issues whatsoever. On stock voltage it was stable up to 3ghz. Also, up to about 3.4ghz the stock cooler was doing fine, i only replaced it later as I wanted to see how far can i push it.
  2. Thanx a lot buddy :D that's very helpful.

    I did as u said , 3GHz on stock voltage and cooler and is doing well :D so far :D listen buddy , I'm quite new in this , everyone talks about this voltage ,how to make it happen ? My BIOS doesn't give me option to change voltage :/ do I need any specil software ?? thanx for help . later
  3. Your board doesnt have that option because its a rather lower-end and Im afraid no software can help you. I think your only option if you want to increase core voltage is to do a voltage mod on the processor itself, although that requires bit of fairly complicated work, have a look here at the post from guy named cas27 to see what Im talking about.

    Well, its not really that complicated you just need to do it right ;]
  4. You right mate :] it's not that hard if you gonna use silver ink but Not the kitchen foil and tape ! :D lol .I think he forgot to mention that he have used Microscope too ;)
    Well , I really appreciate your help but since I have no foil in the kitchen ;) I'll have to stick to my stock voltage and 3.14GHz (36*C )
    that's better then 2.5MHz :D Once again Thanx for your help dude:]
  5. No problem,
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