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Basically I had a problem with a previous xp setup, and had to re-install xp, half way through the machine blue screened, So i tried to format again and the hard drive wasnt viewable on the list of HDD on windows xp setup screen, so i installed it on a different HDD, Now i cannot find the other HDD anywhere, its not in bios its not in admin tools its dissapeared but its correctly plugged in. can anyone help....
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  1. Verify that the power and data cables are properly attached to the HDD, and that the data cable is properly seated in the motherboard port. You could also try another port. And try another power connector. If neither the BIOS or windows sees it, it is either not connected properly or it is dead. It should not be dead from a BSOD in windows install.
  2. i verified that eh power and cables where correct, and still nothing,
    So i tried it in my brothers pc. so i formatted it and now it works in my pc. soo weird
  3. Yes it is strange. Glad you got it working again.
  4. I have the same problem, but lack another computer to format my HDD on. It has functioned well as my main C:/ drive for years and checks out on hardware scan. Any more ideas? Thanks.

    In sore need of a windows reinstall...
  5. Download the HDD tools from the mfr's. website, install the DOS version on a bootable medium (floppy, CD, or USB stick), leave the medium in its location, boot to the medium and use the DOS tools to find and format the HDD, shut-down, re-start, go into BIOS to make sure the BIOS sees the HDD, set boot settings to the cd drive, put the windows cd in the cd drive, save and exit the BIOS settings, re-start, click on CD after the BIOS boots.
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