Installing a x1950xt... what am I doing wrong?

I currently have an HP a1750e with a 7300le gpu.... My buddy gave me his x1950xt to install. I uninstalled the 7300le drivers in Vista, though I'm not 100 percent sure that went correctly, and then I installed the x1950... when I booted up, you guessed it, NO PICTURE. (and yes, I remembered to hook up the power to the x1950)

So.... I put my 7300le back in, and Vista installed the drivers and it's fine....

What am I doing wrong?
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  1. Your HP desktop may not have a Power supply strong enough to handle the x1950xt. Also make sure that the card is seated in the slot properly.
  2. I have a new 380 watt PSU... the card seems to be seated as snugly as possible...
  3. I will assume that the video card has two DVI-I ports.... and did you try both of them?

    I think your power supply should be enough. I would play around with it until you get a signal then remove the old drivers and install.
  4. Also, Drivers wouldn't stop you from being able to see the display when it posts. So it must be a hardware problem. You should try pluging the card into a different power rail if you are running it off of 2 4pin molex connectors.
  5. I believe it's a single 6 pin connector.... I'll see about a different rail. BTW, I did try both dvi ports and a different DVI cable.
  6. A graphics card gives a display even when the drivers are not installed. I agree with terror112.
    i dont think thats enough power to be honest i see other 19XX series cards sucking up as much as 270 watts of power on load and idle is like 150 i think u need a new good PSU of 500 watts

    also what else are you running thats sucking up power
    casue most PSUs are only like 70-80% efficient i could be wrong but i really think u need a better PSU
  8. Ugh... I hope that's not the case. I was told in another thread that this should be a good enough PSU. It's an antec earthwatts...

    This is it:

    So is that too weak?
  9. I have the exact card in a machine with an old thermaltake power supply 480W and it works fine. The PS is about 3 years old. Ok here is what I found about power requirements. So maybe your PS is not enough.

    Manufacturer's Requirements:

    * 450 WATT PSU w/ a 12V rail of at least 30 Amps on the 12-V rail.
    * PCI-E compatible Motherboard
    * 512 MB of system RAM
  10. The earthwatts 380W's 27 amp 12v should be enough to handle an X1950XT. They recommend 30 amps, but that's in a loaded system.

    Do you get a bios screen at least or absolutely nothing on the screen?
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