Can't format RAID drive after lightning strike

I had a lightning strike that fried my motherboard. All the other components seem to be working fine. I have replaced the motherboard and everything seems to work.

I have a RAID 1 array with two Western Digital 1TB drives, and the Intel Matrix RAID manager says that one of the drives has failed, and needs to be rebuilt.

When I try to rebuild the drive using the RAID manager, it says that there are system files on the drive, and I can't rebuild it. When I try reformating the drive, Windows XP says I can't reformat it because some of the files are in use by other programs.

I'm thinking I need to manually delete some of the Windows system files; does that sound like something that would work? If so, can anyone comment on which system file(s) to delete?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sorry, can't help you. But I wanted to point out to any lurkers that this is a classic example of why RAID 1 does not replace backups...
  2. If your computer can boot from the BIOS to a floppy or cd, download the WD software for DOS here - or use the WD search for your exact HDD.

    -- Install it to the bootable media you will use and leave it there.
    -- Shut down the computer.
    -- Disconnect the power from your surge protector outlet.
    -- Ground yourself and disconnect the SATA data and power cables from the GOOD HDD.
    -- Reconnect the power cord.
    -- Power-on, enter BIOS (usually using the delete key).
    -- Select the drive you just loaded the WD tools on as 1st boot.
    -- Save settings, restart, booting to the drive with the WD tools on it.
    -- Follow the directions to format the BAD HDD that you left installed on your system.
    -- When it's done, power-off, disconnect power cord, ground yourself.
    -- Re-attach the GOOD HHD data and power cables.
    -- Connect the power cord.
    -- Power-on the computer. Enter the BIOS to reset you boot order to the RAID array, and to ensure your RAID array is still showing (It may not show both drives - don't worry about it yet).
    -- Let it boot to XP.
    -- Open Intel Matrix Manager, add the newly-formatted HDD to the array and re-build the array.
  3. sminlal said:
    Sorry, can't help you. But I wanted to point out to any lurkers that this is a classic example of why RAID 1 does not replace backups...

    Although I agree with you, at least in this case it looks like RAID 1 saved the day - 1 drive failed, but the data hasn't been lost due to redundancy. AID 0 would have been screwed though.
  4. LOL maybe the surge killed the controller chip on the hard drive.
  5. delete your sytem files would cause your system to fail to start up
    If you don't need the system any more, please wipe or format or other operations under pre-os circumstance
    That would work.
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