Can my Hp a430n run this card or not...


I am a computer novice and very frustrated while trying to upgrade my video card to my system. I am aware my computer is old (circa around 2003) but I have no real issues with it with the exception of the problem with the factory videocard the NvidiaGeforce4Mx440, not allowing me to play some of the current games due to the lack of shaders in that card. However, I found a suitable card the Nvida Geforce7300GS, with the correct shaders and it seemed to meet my system requirements, so I was really stoked about getting it. However, upon receiving it today via FedEx and going to install it, the instruction manual stated I needed either a AGI slot or a PCI express slot. I knew I had a AGI slot, but apparently upon further research I have the smaller 3.3v one, and it appears to be far too small for my new video card. Is all this correct, or am I just doing something wrong, It is really frustrating when reading the system requirements for a video card and it not stating what kind of AGI slot I would even need to be able to use the card I purchased. Is there any recourse I can take, short of putting in a new motherboard or getting a new PC, or any modestly priced video card that would fit my pc with more advanced shaders?

Any feedback would be appreicated,


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  1. system specs please. Need more info
  2. Uhh...Like i said, I'm a total pc novice,

    I don't know what specs are,

    but here is some additional information

    motherboard: A7N8X-la
    Windows XP
    AMD Athlon XP @ 2200 MHz
    512 mb
  3. OK, you have a agp 8x slot for your gfx card. Im guessing you bought a pci-e card, the 7300s?
  4. I dont know, like I said, I'm a big tech noob...

    but in the manual to install the new card it says I can put it into a AGI or a pci-e slot...
  5. OK, heres a link to your mobo The brown slot is the agp slot you need to put your card in. Heres the problem. Youll see a nice increase over what you had, but it wont do well in many games. Look around for a 8x agp card, make sure your power supply can handle it, and you should be ready to go. Youve tried the brown slot, and it didnt fit?
  6. I don't know exactly, which one is the brown slot??

    when I open up my PC, I don't see a slot large enough to even fit my new video card.

    If you look at this link,

    I only see a slot resembling the first top three, and not the bottom two.

    and my new video card appears to be too wide to even fit in the top 3.
  7. OK, had to dust off the memory, and look some stuff up. If youre mobo is 3.3, youre stuck in a small, past dated market, where itll be very hard and ex[ensive to find an appropriate card. My advise is this : Since itll be hard to find, and more expensive, upgrade your system. The increases in abilities youll see from a very limited list of cards wont get you far, and as Ive said, the cost just isnt worth it. Sorry, but unless something was made for these voltages that was good and cheap, thats how it is.
  8. what exactly would I need to upgrade it to fit the memory card,

    just a new mobo?
  9. Not a new motherboard, a new Computer... Thats not the point though.

    I've worked on a couple A430N's before... The AGP slot is either the "Universal" slot or the "1.5v AGP" slot, in which case most AGP slot cards made in the last 8 years should be compatible.

    If the edge on the card is too long, you probably got the PCIe version of the card, you'll need the AGP version. Your best bet is to send it back and order the AGP version. You could also upgrade to a 7600GS AGP or a Radeon HD 2600Pro AGP as they offer much more performance and should be able to run in your system for not much more money.

    Beyond that, theres no point pulling and replacing too many parts on a 5yr old PC.
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