Is there such thing as a universal retention bracket?

Hello all, I've tried Google with no luck. I have a simple question.

I purchased a OCZ Gladiator Max Retention bracket from like a month ago. Ended up not getting the cooler. I recently DID purchase a Vendetta cooler. Will the bracket fit or are these things really model-specific?

This leads to a larger question - is there a universal retention bracket (just for LGA 775 mobos)? If not, why not?

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    The Intel LGA 755 cpu socket and cpu heatsink retention bracket are standardized. No problem there. The third party cpu heatsink retention brackets will fit motherboards correctly.

    Are you trying to mix and match third party retention brackets and cpu heatsinks? That is going to be a problem. Even though all the the 755 brackets will fit the 775 motherboards, they probably wont fit a different cpu heatsink. The heatsinks come in a variety of sizes and the mounting method is not always the same. So yes, they are usually model specific.
  2. I think this answers my question.

  3. You're welcome.
  4. Best answer!
  5. drat. a best answer before i could sarcastically recommend crazy glue as the universal retention device... foiled again
  6. I was thinking along the lines of artic silver thermal opxy and an exacto knife.
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