hi, im traing to make a setup to play crysis in high setting with no chopines, i currently got

AMD 5000 Black Editon 2.7mhz overclock to 3.0
Gigabyte GA-M57SLI mobo
zalman 9700
2gb of corsair memory 667mhz overclocked to 800mhz
MSI 8600 gt twin turbo
Seagate barracuda 250gb
antec 850watt powersuply

i thou of buying another hard drive to make raid 0, another pack of memory for 4gb and another video card to sli but will 2 of those card play crysis ok? one card can play everything on medium at a resolution of 1024 by 768. so i wonder if 2will do the job, i do not need a super card just one that play crysis on good resolution and high settings.
thanx in advance!!:-)
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  1. If I were you I would just sell the 8600GT for $50 or whatever you can get for it and purchase a 4850 or something relatively close in price. In comparison, the 8600GT is about 3 times slower than the 4850 and about 4-5 times slower with AA enabled. That would be your best bet. As for memory.. unless you want to run vista, or some video or photo editing application, 4gb of ram will not be necessary, but with dirt cheap prices of memory it might be worth a go. IMO I wouldnt Raid 2 drives together unless they are brand new, and are Identical models because you can run into some complications if not.
  2. You will get the biggest jump in performance by far from upgrading your graphic card. Even SLIing your 8600GT will not give you the performance increase that a top end GPU will give you. Replace that 8600GT with 2 8800GT (@$250 for 2) or 2 9800GTX+ (@$350 for 2) in SLI or a single GTX 260 (@$245) a HD4870 (@$280) or a HD4870x2 (@ $550)
  3. well i guess there is nothing much to it, i though of these before the problem is the money, if i would have enough i would get a better system, im 16 and all i have to finish this pc is $243.76 exactly, can probably pushed a little more, since 250gb, aren't enough for music, videos and games, i do need another hard drive thats $54. the the memory pack is $45.99, i'll ended up with 144, or i buy 1 8800gt or another 8600 and sli, not alot of options, if i were to sell my current card for 50 and then get a 9800gtx but who in the world wants a use 8600gt.any other idea guys ill apreciated..
  4. Get a 4850. Around 180$ It works in your budget, and is a great card. That should include tax and shipping. It has 512 mb memory and MSI is a good brand, lifetime warranty, and good customer support if needed
  5. throu research i found a 4850 in $149.99, open box thou, but who cares i just need the card.

    i think thats gonna be my final desicion if u guys agree...
  6. Dont get an open box, pay a lil more and get one thats covered under warranty
  7. ok the ill give HIS a chance they got the best price for 4850.
    everything will come down to 286 with shipping include, i still think is a little be to much since i build my setup with 600 and paying half than that for 3 parts, lol but i think that will boost me enough.
  8. I also suggest getting DDR2 800, instead of DDR2 667. Even though you can clock the 667 to 800, DDR2 800 can still clock much higher. And I concurr with the new vid card, even an 8800GTS 320 is better than that 8600.

    $75 (4GB Geil DDR2 800, OC's very well)
    $150 (9800GT, $130 after MIR)
  9. well my gigabyte wont overclock the 800 higuer than that since 800 is higuer this mobo can go, so 800 will just bottleneck, the problem was that i was inexpert and inmature back when i started my pc so i went with the budget i dint spent alot and 2 month later im traying to fix my mistakes but has not been to easy,,lol
  10. Yes it can clock it higher than 800 (mine did so easily) the issue is that 667 won't clock much higher than 800. Just be sure to bump the voltage to 2.1V if using the G.Skill.
    (even if your board reccomends DDR2 800, you can OC it much higher, to match the OC'ed Proc)
  11. wow ur setup is really on my budget, sorry dint read throu, i just saw ur links now, u think ill be able to play crysis ok with that card?
  12. You can play it yes, and pretty well. Dont expect to buy any budget card and play crysis with everything turned up. Even if you pay 600.00 for a card that would be too much to expect.

    You definitely will get much much better game play with this card and you get another 20.00 mir making it 129.99... ;)
  13. don't waste money on a 9800gt

    8800gt $99 after MIR same performance as 9800gt

    strongly advise you to get 4850 though if you can
  14. AHH!! lol, getting confuse. the only way i can get 4850 is if i buy 667 memory, Ih8U advise its better to balance my pc instead of leaving all the work to the video card so he said 9800gt 4gb memory 800mhz, i might just get 2gb memroy 800mhz, 4850 and the hard drive, no 4gb but is well balance since 2gb allows me to buy the 4850, how about it guys?
  15. I'd get 4 gigs of 667 and a 4850 over 4 gigs of 800 and a 9800.
  16. You could get this instead - it's actually cheaper with the current rebate:
  17. ya i can a pretty good deal on 2x1 gb but that will be only 2. the reason im buying 2 gb of 667 is cuz i already have 2gb. but maybe is better 2 gb of 800 than 4gb 667?
  18. Oh - I see. Get the 667 then (I somehow missed that you already had 2GB)
  19. i dont know now. lol ur first replay made me do some more research i ended up thinking that if i can clock the 800mhz to 1000mhz, ill be better with 2gb then with 4gb of 667 overclocked to 800mhz, or im wrong?

    thus far, i got 2 ideas, this is what i want to get,with the first idea i overpass my budget with like $50 dollars and with the second idea i go for about $56 more. but i think its worth it to give my pc a boost.

    idea 1:

    with a total $300

    idea 2:

    with a total of $306. i curently have $250 with me, either way ill be having a MSI 8600GT Twin turbo and 2gb of corsair 675 sitting in my closet... T.T ..., if anyone wants to buy lol :p
  20. Ebay is the answer for your spare parts and tbh since you already have the 667mhz memory, stick with it.

    You wont notice the difference between the two speeds of memory to go to trouble to switch over.

    If you didnt have any memory at all then what you said would be a good idea. Stick with your current memory and get 2 more gigs later when you have the extra money. I doubt for now you will utilize 4 gigs of ram so put all of your money in your video card and stay under budget.
  21. ok then ill be buying the 4850, the hard drive, if u say 2gb of 667 are ok, then i wont buy any memory at all. ill be buying these:

    for a total of 243, wich i can buy today, since i got 250. if this is ok with u guys, if i sell the video card in at least 50 bucks that'll be good so i can buy better memory.
  22. Good selections and wise decision. I would be sure theres plenty of airflow in that case since others are saying the video card runs a bit hot.

    If you have plenty then great, if not then check your case and see where u may be able to mount more fans and try to verify what sizes to get and how many. In some cases you may only be able to put one in a pci slot that mounts directly under the video card and pulls air across the video card.

    If you can sell your other video card and get memory, thats what I would do.

    Good luck!
  23. yea i guess i do, i have an Ultra aliminus case.

    with 3 fans, 2- 120mm and 1- 80mm at the side door. I am aware that the fan of the card run so slow that is not able to cold it properly, but the fan speed can be fix using tools like riva tuner and some other ways. i dont really know what will be a good speed to cold the card, neither was the best way to adjust the fan speed, if anyone knows plz tell, if not, i google anything so ill be ok, thanx on the replays ya all had been really helpfull. now when i try to make a knew system, wich i hope to be soon, ill come here to make sure im not making mistakes, lol.
  24. Ive always liked the looks of that case. You should be able to get plenty of airflow with that one.

    It does help to get suggestions when building a new pc if your not on top of whats out and what goes together.

    I havent had to mess with the fan speed of my video cards, my case is a wind tunnel anyway so other than adding adequate fans I dont have anything else to offer you to increase your fan rpms. Maybe the software programs you mentioned will do the trick...
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