So... Any One Want Windows 7 x64 vs Server 2008 R2 Benches?

Ok, I got my hands on the Server 2008 R2 (Web) via MSDNAA and I was going to install it on a spare HDD to just mess around. I went looking for Win 7 x64 vs Server 08 R2 benches and couldn't find any reliable benches, so I thought I may be able to do some benches on it.

So if any one is interested, reply Yes or No here.

These are the benches I plan to run:
HD Tune
SiSoftware Sandra
PC Mark and may be 3DMark

The Server 08 R2 will be installed on the C2D rig listed in my sig.
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    I'd be interested. I have copies from there as well, but don't have time to sit down and benchmark. Thanks for doing that.
  2. I would like them
  3. Yup. I will get them on Friday or Saturday then.
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