Disable hyperthreading in Acer Aspire One IN kernel.

Hey guys. First time here. I bought the Acer Aspire One a month ago and it's been great thus far. My only complaint regards the mediocre battery life. I know it's a 3-cell, but come on, 2 hours? I know HTT eats up a good deal more battery than while not providing too much benefit for web-browsing, reading e-books, and writing docs (not all at the same time, mind you).

I want to turn off HTT, but Acer thoroughly locked their BIOS. I've heard of people disabling HTT in kernel, but that was with the P4 and not an Atom. Can anyone explain whether or not I'd see a noticeable increase in battery life if HTT were disabled? How do I do it in kernel?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I cannot comment on battery life, but I must say that I am displeased at Acer's bad bios behavior. Here is info on fixing said problem.
  2. If you change the HAL to UNIPROCESSOR for Windows, that will disable HTT.
    That may require a Windows Reinstall.
  3. @ ghmage

    Does the new BIOS allow you to disable HTT? I saw this when I first got my Acer, but decided that I had no reason to update the BIOS as it would present unnecessary problem to fix.

    @ zenmaster

    It does require a reinstall. Is there someway I could get cop someone else's HAL.dll? I guess I could torrent it.

    Thanks for the info, all. I hope someone else has solved this problem and can help.
  4. It truly depends on the BIOS - I've no personal experience with Acer bios to pull from.
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