Intel to launch a new value SSD January 2010!

Hi everyone. I've sent an email to ask what intel thinks about budget SSDs (not that I was expecting anything) and to my surprise, I learned that Intel's going to launch a new value SSD next month!

Here's what I wrote:

<<<<<..."Does Intel have any plans in releasing lower capacity, lower price SSD (like X25-M 40Gb maybe?) in the future?

I realize that the fact that Intel hasn't said anything about it so far means that it is just one of the "possibilities/options" in their future plans and could change anytime. But for ordinary, budget consumers like me who's awed at the performance of Intel SSDs but can't afford one, it would be interesting to hear what Intel thinks about the budget sector of SSD.

Thank you.>>>>>

and this was the reply I got:

<<<<<Thank you for writing to Intel Customer Support. Please be informed that there is plan a new value Solid State Drive will be launched next Month.

Please continue visit Intel website for updates. Hope the above information helps. Thank you.>>>>>

So the unofficial claims that X25-V series 40Gb/80Gb is coming out could very well be true. Though how their performance would differ from the X25-M series remains to be seen. What do you ppl think? :)
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  1. Well, I think it's going to be based off of the X25-M G2, but the performance will be limited due to "cheaper" lower quality Flash chips used, and obviously cheaper. Anyways, I'm happy with my X25-M G2 80GB.
  2. ^Same my g2 80GB intel is doing amazing, had for a little over a month and its blasting through benchmarks, boots, loads...etc

    However dont expect the performance to be similar to the intel x25-m/e series because if it costs a lot less, its going to be a cheaper device and will perform worse.
  3. I'm hoping that the random read/write performance of the new SSD would come close to X25-M. Otherwise I'll have to wait for X25-M G2 to drop below $100, which could take ages!
  4. ^It will take ages, and dont hope for anything, the price says it all, if its cheap then you get what you pay for, dont expect for a company like intel to let people like you cheat them, if you pay less you get a lesser product.
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