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Okay so when I boot to windows with my external hard drive plugged in, my computer restarts just after post. it starts fine when i unplug the hard drive. and then plug it back in once windows is starting to load.

the mobo i believe is seeing this as a boot disk. and i've turned off usb boot but it still does it.

any idea's about what setting to change?
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  1. Set the boot order to boot to the HDD first?
  2. set to
    boot sequence
    1: hard drive
    2:hard drive
    3: cd drive
  3. Sounds like it is trying to boot off USB (The External HDD) Some machines have an option to disable Booting from USB, supply details of motherboard and I will look it up
  4. boot usb is off. and the boot sequence is as stated.
  5. Move the cd up one position and remove the second HDD entry.
    that should do it.
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