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i want to mount a psu on the outside of my dell optiplex gx280 SFF pc to use a new graphics card. right now i only have a 210w 12v=12a psu =[. if i were to do this, would the connectors (like to plug from the psu to the motherboard and such) be long enough to thread through the back of the computer and plug into my components.
and if so, what would be a good inexpensive 400w psu for my dell?

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  1. thats 75 bucks. and how to you hook it up to your current psu? i don,t have any open ports...
    hows this. and only 45 bucks. http://www.affordablesurplus.com/dell-400w-np-power-supply.asp
    There would be no advantage to the vga one because i dont have a cd drive port open to hold it. Plus the card im going to get doesn't have a pcie supplementary adapter i don't think: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102754
    Would that thing work with this psu and that card?: http://www.k12computers.com/U5425_GX280_Power_Supply_p/u5425.htm
  2. badge said:

    That might work but my experience with these suck. Id suggest you just get a good deal on a Corsair psu and remove the old one and install a new one inside the case like you should.

    My 2 centavos
  3. idk what people don't understand about small form factor pcs. no psu that is worth buying is going to fit. i would need a micro atx witch is no better. why i put one on the outside when i could fit one inside???
  4. my main question is would the connection cables from the psu be long enough to fit all the components mounted atop the pc. and are there cable extenders?
  5. qwoz said:
    my main question is would the connection cables from the psu be long enough to fit all the components mounted atop the pc. and are there cable extenders?

    Depends on the PSU I suppose. But with many of the performance PC cases now mounting PSU on the bottom of the case I would say yes. Any decent psu will have cables long enough to fit.
  6. dude if you really want that video card you can just try the psu and if it doesn't reach then just buy some extenders.


    and standard molex extenders are easy to find.
    But seriously if your going to have a small case with an external psu doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having a small case. I'd say get a different case.
  7. +1 for a different case. It'll offer much more expansion space for the future. What graphics card are you thinking of buying? will it fit your current case?
  8. qwoz said:
    idk what people don't understand about small form factor pcs. no psu that is worth buying is going to fit. i would need a micro atx witch is no better. why i put one on the outside when i could fit one inside???

    Well for one you need to run across someone who has actually mounted a P/S on the outside of a case, and you just did!

    I have an OP1000w Silverstone mounted on the side of my case, with my wiring harness brought through at an appropriate point to reach all the necessary connection points, that required cutting an access hole in the side of my case, and my reason was the OP1000w is 8 5/8" long, 3" longer than a standard ATX P/S, seriously blocking my 140mm blowholes I had previously modded into the top of the case.

    The problem with a Dell, HP, Etc. is they make their cases so small the smaller P/S is all that usually will fit, and normally they only provide enough power to cover what comes in the computer when you buy it, so when you upgrade most people have to send their machines back to get it upgraded by them, costing you more money than it should.

    I congratulate you on thinking outside the box, most quality ATX P/Ss have longer cables than the smaller P/Ss do anyway, you can research different P/S specs and get the exact cable lengths, and if you find some long enough you can just route them through the existing P/S opening, that won't look too good but will solve your problem.

    Even altering an existing case to accept a full size ATX is possible with some computer cases, I altered a HP Pavilion just for the heck of it and installed a full size ATX 700w Fortron P/S, so anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

    I'll be glad to help you through this information wise, as much as you want! Ryan
  9. Different case, different case, different case.

    The best buy the egg has to offer on Corsair today:


    I wont suggest a case due to that being a matter of taste. You can find plenty out there at a wide range of prices.

    Nice mod by the way, Ryan...
  10. @englandr753

    Thanks man, I need to take some new pics these were taken in the beginning of my modding adventure, this is one seriously modded case, and future plans are to paint it, all the present mods were air cooling performance oriented.
  11. dude ryan thats sick! hey thanks for the support. If i haven,t already said, im not buying a case because my mother board wont fit and line up with the pcie ports. i think im going to mount an external one like you did. i was thinking this one... would this work out ok? i figured this one because it has all the connectors i need. then again i am unsure of cable length
    Do you have any other suggestions for a good 400 watt psu? i need something like 12v=18a or 12v=17a

    This is the card im looking at: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102754
    Is this the best PCIE low profile card i can get of my money? i want to spend less than 80 on a card.
  12. ok ill be ordering http://www.affordablesurplus.com/dell-400w-np-power-supply.asp tonight to mount on the outside. if there are any objections let me know now. it says it works with the gx280 with a 12v=17a power rail.
    Then when it arrives in a couple days ill have you all help me install it lol.
  13. @qwoz Looks Good!
  14. No prob Ryan. I had a Coolermaster case that I moded and I wished that I took good pics of it before I gave it to my girlfriends brother. Maybe I can get him to send me some pics and I will post later.

    To qwoz:

    No idea on the quality of that psu. With there being no brand name and a replacement for dell I would think its not too great on quality. It might work fine but I would be afraid it would turn out like the stock psus that come in dells that usually take out the motherboard when they go.

    I would feel much better if you went with something like this:


    Even better if you got this:


    10 bucks more than that you get this:


    The quality and longevity in that order so its your choice.
  15. First of all i just want to thank you all for helping me out. I decided to go with these, and just ordered them from newegg

    Thanks England for the referral =]
    I know the card will barley fit in my computer, so i might need to mod the case to make it close. The psu has extra long connectors so hopefully i can thread them through the back. Cross your fingers!
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