Worth the upgrade from 7950GT 512mb to ATi 4850 512 mb

Hi guys, I need some advice. Currently, I have an XFX 7950 Gt card with 512 mb installed on my machine. I have 2 gb of Corsair ram and an intel e6400 core 2 duo. My question is this:

Will I see any noticeable gaming difference in my machine if I swap the 7950 with the ATi 4850 card?
Currently, I am using a monitor(19") that only has a resolution of 1280x1024. Will using such a 'weak" monitor render any performance gain from swapping the cards negligible?

Thanks for any advice you could give me
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  1. yes in newer games only older games will most likely play the same...
  2. Short answer, yes. Also you could get a larger monitor later, as I did.

    P.S. Make sure your power supply can handle the new card.
  3. You will be able to enable 4x FSAA (with supersampling) and 16x anisotropic filtering in games where you could not have or might not have done so before with the new card.

    Also, shader performance on the 7950 is very weak, you will get FPS improvements even with the same IQ settings in many games, BF2 for example.

    The 4850 is superior in every measure to the otherwise capable 7950GT.
  4. It depends on the games you play.

    Like teh boxer mentioned it'll be the most benefit in recent and future games that are shader heavy. Also turn on features you could before, like FP16 HDR+AA, DX10, etc.

    Older games you would just be able to crank the AA and such like BF2 mentions, and maybe boost your min fps so you never see slowdowns.

    Anywhoo, mainly depends on the games, some are worth it, others would benefit more from you spending money on a bigger monitor because they wouldn't need much power.
  5. I would say go for it, the other guys have covered the main pro's and cons of it (mainly pro's) but the selling point for me would be the fact that you could mostly turn up the eye candy to a new level as TGGA says and as he also pointed out you are then sitting pretty should you want to get a bigger monitor later.

  6. You'll probably get a 30-40 FPS increase in everything you play.
  7. gamerk316 said:
    You'll probably get a 30-40 FPS increase in everything you play.

    Sure hope he doesn't expect that sort of gain in Crysis.
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