MSI K8N neo2 platinum 54 lacks "overclock warning"?


I've just started overclocking, and I was just wondering whether or not this mainboard has the warning just after power-up where you get a message that the clock is too high (before bios), and it automatically resets the clock to default values.

What happens is that I experiment with clock settings (the FSB-thingy) like anyone else, but when I go too high, the bios won't load and I'm stuck with a black screen (no "post-boot"). Then I have to use the CMOS jumper to reset bios, which takes forever to get to because there's two PCI cards in the way that I have to unscrew first, so I'm pretty tired of having to reset the bios. Where's my "safety catch"?

I found it a bit odd that the board doesn't have it, seeing as it was quite a favourite "high end" board among critcs in 04/05, also in the overclocking department. Have I turned off the message by accident, or what?

And oh, I have bios 1D, I think the latest one only changed "CPU ID" or something, thought it was just support for new CPUs, so I haven't bothered, as flashing is risky in itself.

Thanks for help in advance! :hello:

Edit: Trying to overclock AMD64 3500+
OCZ premium 1024mb ram, w/some good timings
Chieftech 550W
MSI K8N neo2 platinum 54
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  1. best thing to do would be to go to the msi website and look at the features of your board to see if it actually has it. but i believe that sort of feature wasn't common around that time.
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