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should i upgrade my cpu or buying motherboard and use intel e6300

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October 16, 2008 10:17:13 AM

Hi guys im new here so hello and happy days all,

Im thinking of changing my old x2 5200 to new phenom 9xxx, but now im confused cause i got old e6300 many people said that conroe e6300 had nice overclocking ability my question is:

x2 5200 @ 2.92ghz vs e6300 @ 2.8ghz who will win?

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October 17, 2008 2:42:24 AM

the intel is a bit faster clock for clock. Its also a bit cooler too. I would go for the intel if you already have the chip.
I am also surprised that im the first post after over 190 views. strange.
October 17, 2008 3:01:10 AM

pick what you think is thebest bang for buck with you personally. Unless the e6300 will run more than twice it's stock performance then you may be better off with a 9xxx CPU. I'm assuming at this point you have an AM2 motherboard that will take the AMD Quads. You'll probably spend about the same either way. I think a 9550 is about GBP £100 at the moment, and at stock it's roughly twice the speed of a stock e6300.
October 17, 2008 11:08:06 PM

Tq for customisbetter and beaker opinion i really appriciate it from bottom of my heart....

Hurm lets say i got comp with intel e6300 with lame intel 946gzis board(im thinking of to upgrade the motherboard to(asus p5qse cause i use single 280gtx gpu.. cant afford for sli..) and processor cooler(i prefer ac freezer extreme)

and i got comp with amd x2 5200 @ 2.9ghz with asus m3a.. cause weather at malaysia so hot then i cant oc to 3.0+++

lets say that i wanna upgrade the intel one and compare both performances... in my own opinion intel will beat the x2 5200 at 2.6ghz clock i think...but im in dilema cause rather than upgrading the intel, i should bought amd phenom but if i bought the cpu i waist my old x2 cpu... and phenom quad core got many problems i heard.. in my thought is

discard the lame 946gzis or the x5200...

whats your opinion then?