Windows Vista on a PS3 - 25 minutes Boot time

Hya mates.

I guess this news comes in this forum, it is a homebuilt....i guess.

Now, who is the crazy geezer that is in going to put Vista in his Iphone ?

Have fun !!
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  1. Any PS3 games ported over to PC and what happens if you try to install one on the Vista loaded PS3? :pt1cable:
    Also, another reason a PC is better than a console: "Vista load times are much quicker" :sol:

    -Wolf sends
  2. Quote:
    but ps3 is years ahead of a pc, wtf!!!!

    are you kidding me?
  3. LOL That's just hilarious. I'm sure the hardware in the PS3 is not "optimized" for running an OS like Vista. lol 24 minutes to boot Vista is crazy though. That guy must have been very bored.
  4. fogartini said:
    are you kidding me?

    I assume that you are either kidding or did not catch on that one. lol


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