The CPU with best ratio: power/power consumption/price/noise

Hi could you help me to choose best CPU with best ratio: power/power consumption/price/noise?
I need it for my PC, I want it to be very quiet, because it is supposed to be turned on overnights/downloading, compiling/.
I dont want to overclocked it.
Probably you could help me also to choose quitest CPU cooler for it.
I was thinking of AMD Athlon X2 4850e, I heard that it can be cooled with passive cooler.
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  1. For good info on quiet computing, go to www.silentpcreview,com.

    A CPU makes no noise, it is the fans that make noise.
    If you want SILENT computing, you can have no fans, and your capabilities will be limited.
    If QUIET will do, then there are lots of options. By quiet, I mean that the PC is almost inaudible from a few feet away.

    Start with a quiet case.
    The Antec Solo(or designer500/P150/sonata-plus550) is about the best around.
    It has sound deadening panels, baffled intakes, suspension hard drive mounts...
    With the stock fan on low, it is very quiet, but you can always replace the fan.
    If a 120mm fan turns at less than 900rpm or so, you can hardly hear it.

    A good oem tower cooler will cool any cpu out there decently. Passive cooling will not work well as a rule, but if you put a slow turning fan on the cooler, you won't be able to hear it because it is buried inside of the case. The Xigmatek s1283 will do the job well.

    Look for a 45nm cpu. They are much easier to cool.

    Look for a quiet PSU, and get one a bit larger than you need. Corsair is very good. A PSU that operates at about 1/3 of it's capacity will not need to ramp up it's cooling fan.

    If you are not a gamer, there are several fanless vga cards around. Any will do. If you want to play games, you need a vga card that keeps fans low when it is not being used much. Look at the SPCR link for some suggestions.

    Most hard drives are relatively quiet. Interestingly, the velociraptor can be one of the quietest, but it probably does not have the capacity that you need.

    ---good luck----
  2. I dont need it for playing games, the only thing I need is to built the quitest pc as much as it possible, that has small power consumption. The dualcore cpu is enough for me and also frequency about 2,5 GHz, but it can be more. The good integrate graphic will be plus.
  3. The E5200 is probably the coolest running desktop CPU currently available, not counting Nano or Atom here, just 'regular' desktop chips:

    The X2 4850e is not a bad choice either, but being 65nm will consume a bit more power. Its a bit cheaper though. I don't think you can passively cool it (or the E5200 for that matter), but a decent HSF with the fan at a minimal setting should do the trick, and would be just as good as 'silent'. Many mobos have dynamic fan settings that adjusts the fan speed according to the CPU load/temps.
  4. well it seems like a good cheap Athlon X2 + 780g board would work well for you...the newer X2's use very little power and the 780g board offers great integrated graphics
  5. Thanks for directing
    For AMD platform I was thinking the best choice with the lowest power consumption would be:
    Gigabyte MA78G or MA-78GM(mATX) - what is better to buy classic ATX or mATX?

    For Intel platform I have no Idea what motherboard of the price similar to MA78G would be the best.
  6. AMD has some 45W CPUs too like the 4450e.
  7. Nvidia's nForce 730i or G45.
  8. AMD Athlon X2 4850e & Gigabyte 780g - from Tom's ...

    42w @ idle
    73w during HD playback,1785-14.html
  9. Tech-Report has a review on the new GeForce 9300 IGP:

    Looks pretty good, gaming performance is even better than the 790GX, looks like Intel finally gets a decent IGP for once (G45 is OK I guess, gaming notwithstanding).

    Power consumption is a bit high at idle but they're using a 65nm E2180, an E5200 should drop the power closer to 780G/790GX levels. Power under load is quite impressive though, only bested by the G45:
  10. Hmm, was just browsing THG's articles and this is an odd one: E7200 + G31?!,2039-13.html

    30W idle, 60W full load... damn. Granted the G31 is a weak IGP but in terms of system power draw thats impressive, especially with a relatively powerful CPU in the E7200.
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