Any way to recover VIRUS DELETED pictures!??? URGENT HELP NEEDED!!!

Hi there!... I got a virus on my computer which converts the files to some other unknown format... the ICON shows something like a "ZIP" file.. its a well known virus i guess... though i can't describe it fully.. i guess u can identify what i am referring to..

now my problem is.. when i tried starting my PC... i showed "THAYET MYO HACKING DAY!!!" flying across the screen...... now when i restarted my PC... i got a msg saying somethin' like "hal.dll file is missing or corrupted"... i repaired it... and when i reopened into my windows i found one of my drive with many files missing (got deleted by the virus) most of them were jpeg, exe, etc... only lefties on the drive were the folders... I rebooted my PC with a fresh copy of XP... SP2

now my problem is... can I recover my very very useful files (pictures) which got deleted by the virus?... i used RECUVA.. but it showed most of the files are damaged and I couldn't recover those.. :(

can you please give me one solution on how to get back the pictures..intact??.. is there any free program that i can use to recover my very very useful project pictures??... please give me one solution... it'd be very very helpful!..

Thanks in Advance,

Rezwan Chowdhury
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  1. From what i understand you reinstalled windows xp w/ sp2, well in that case your chances went from okay to very slim in recovering your data. Before the data is overwritten, it can be recovered, once its overwritten which it probably has been by reinstalling xp, then it cant be recovered i am pretty sure.
  2. nope
  3. bro... i guess yall took that wrng!... i installed da XP SP3 on another drive..... not the drive where i lost my files....
  4. You could try hooking the infected drive up as a secondary drive preferable with a write blocker which I highly doubt you have and then analyzing the disk with or if you are somewhat computer savvy.

    Edit: Just skimmed the post didn't see you already tried Recuva... you should try WinHex though

    Edit2: If you do recover them you should start using Dropbox it will back up your important stuff like that on the fly and keeps revisions for so many days also you shouldn't post your email like that spammers will get a hold of it.... edit and remove it imo
  5. Hoping that the virus is removed from your drive, Try running a photo recovery software. If the actual file data was not completely over written by to the virus or the virus removal, You should be able to recover your pictures. Adroit Photo Recovery did a good job for me! -

    This will also recover the virus, so make sure its been eliminated from the HDD to recover from first, very important!
  7. To get back deleted photos, no matter accidentally deleting or virus attack, you can use recovery software to scan the device which has lost photos and pictures and recover all.
  8. ^Not if that data has already been overwritten.
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