Retro Server Build Need Help with Old Tech

Hey guys, I'm building a machine for an associate who needs lots of old ISA slots to house VOIP dialer cards. To get the amount of ISA slots he wants, I have to go old tech and use a backplane with a CPU card. I've only built gaming systems before, so I'm unfamiliar with how this tech works. Here's where the veteran tech experts come in:

I got this backplane:

and this cpu card to put in it:

So, my understanding is that the cpu card has what I need to plug in hard drives and an optical drive. One big question is how to connect power to the backplane. Does power go from the PSU to the CPU card or to the backplane? Or both? I see a space on the backplane where the traditional 20-pin power plug would go, but the plug isn't there, there are only little holes. What's that about?

Is there anything to this build other than just plugging in the CPU card, giving it power, and starting up? Sorry for my ignorance, this is just unlike anything I've done before. I'm hoping some of you veterans have done this before and can help me out.

Thanks in advance!
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