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I installed a western Digital 160 gb hard drine in a Dell 2400. When the dell screen comes up I have in the top right corner F-2 setup or F12 boot menu, I do not know what to do next. I have gotten reboot or configure screen. Can some one help and tell me what I should do next? A lot of the things talked about on many of the forums I do not understand. I did not grow up with computers and are not very savy with them.
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  1. was it internal or external hard drive?
    Is this the primary drive you installed, or a secondary drive?
    Was it IDE drive or SATA drive?
    If it was IDE, did you set the jumpers to "slave" or "master"?
  2. I down loaded a reboot program to a disk. Do I put this in after put in F2 or F12?
    The screen also has said keyboard failure. I only want this hard drive to be my only drive. I think it will be all I need.I did not want to have an external drive because of space. The drive was bought from Dell WD Cavier SE 160 gb PATA.
    Thanks Bob
  3. A reboot program?

    Look at the jumper on the back of the drive. It'll be a little plastic piece, covering 2 pins. Make sure that is set to the Master or Cable Select position. Then, make sure the hard drive is on the end of the IDE cable.

    Then, you need to load the operating system on the drive. To do this, insert your OS disc. Then restart the PC. Use the F12 key to get to the boot menu, and choose to start from the CD drive. That will boot off the OS disc, and you'll be on your way to formatting the drive, and installing windows.
  4. Thanks I will try that and let you know. I appreciate your help.
  5. I was on the phone with a Dell Tech. all day and could not get the hard drive to reboot.
    When we got the re-boot menu and clicked on the cd drive it did not give an option to download from the disk. The second tech I talked to said that the 2400 will not support 160gb I called customer service and they are sending me a new hard drive in 8 days.
    From what I have read the2400 does not have a limit on the gb upgrade. I hope the new one works because we tried everything. It said keyboard error.drive 1 not recognized or words to that effect. When you check the config. screen it is in the hard drive area with the number of the drive ( part number ). I am just lost and so were the techs. Thanks Bob
  6. The keyboard error could be due simply to the interface (PS2 or USB) you're using and the BIOS is set to. You can swap the keyboard, and it should resolve that. You can even disable that halt in the BIOS (though, you'll need the keyboard to get into the BIOS).

    Some earlier BIOS versions and versions of XP had a 137GB cap. However, bigger drives were still recognized, they just wouldn't show the full capacity of the drive. It should still work with the 160GB hard drive, no problem.
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