SLI'ing 8800gt + 8500gt ?????

Hi all

recently bought a new pc that came with a crappy expertvision 8500gt!.....that was pulled straight out and replaced with an 8800gt from gigabyte.

I was wondering is it possible to sli these cards as I have heard that it is possible to mix and match 8 series cards?

Is this correct?

If so what would this result in much better preformance?..(I have also heard that you can set one card purely for physics????)

If this is correct what Nvidia software would I need to do this as at the moment the there is no SLI tab in my Nvidia control panel???

thanks in advance ppl

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    sorry dude, you gotta read the stickies.
  2. stickies?

    here is the link thats states sli'ing 2 different cards from the same series (series 8) is fine and one can be used for physics????????
  4. from what the link says it looks like your not SLI'ing just what my mobo calls graphics expansion.
  5. I believe you can only do this on a board that supports Tri-SLI.

    edit: nvm, it looks like this can be done through the drivers. You WON'T need Tri SLI.
  6. really? i have a bfg 680i with three pciE 16x slots and it says it supports two way SLI and the third port is for graphics expansion. dont really new what that is.
  7. Originally to use SLI the video cards had to be identical – same GPU, same manufacturer and even same BIOS version. From GeForce driver release 80 on nVidia relaxed a little bit and now the video cards can be from different manufacturers, but they must be based on the same GPU. This rule is valid for all versions of SLI (SLI, Quad SLI and Three-way SLI).

    All video cards from GeForce 6600 on support SLI, but three-way SLI is only supported by GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce 8800 Ultra, GeForce GTX 260 and GeForce GTX 280. This mode uses a new bridge as the cards have two SLI connectors.
  8. so what i graphics expansion? and btw evongugg the 9800gtx+ supports 3-way SLI as well.
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