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I recently purchased a new Zalman fan for my new build. When i was taking off the old heatsink/fan the cpu manged to get stuck to the heatsink and was pulled out of the socket with the heatsink causing the cpu to have about 6 bent pins.

I used tweezers to straiting the pins back into place and installed the cpu with the new heatsink/fan.

The computer boots up and seems to run fine, but every hour or two, the computer locks up, restarts or give me a BSOD.

Has anybody had this happen to them before, im pretty sure its because of the bent pins but i guess there can be a bunch of other reasons causing this issue.

Any thoghts or suggestions would be helpful, thx.
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  1. Cpu temps?
  2. sounds bad. I've also had the CPU stick to the HSF on AM-2's. I've never bent the pins, though. The zalmans (9700, 9500) are not always completely easy to install. I would have to ask about CPU temps also. All of the cores...
  3. CPU temps, idle 30, load playing warhammer 36-38c
  4. this is really funny.......i had my CPU stuck 2 hitsink with 2 pins bent. and while fixing them i even managed to break off one of them. but CPU works fine thankfully, however it does hang on me once every 2-3 days. it not related to any specific program i run coz it happens with different programs running at deferent times and sometimes hangs while being absolutely idle.i tried reinstalling windows, driver updates on every device. nothing helped and i guess i learnt to deal with it
  5. I did the same, reinstalled windows, drivers, updates, next im going to try and swap out the power supply, since its only a 500w
  6. i've had cpu's come with bent pins i straightened them out (it was a 3600+) and it ran fine. i oc'ed it to 2.8 too and no problems whatsoever to this day. i also had cpu get pulled out of its socket when i was changing heatsinks. but no bent pins. maybe reinstall windows?
  7. it never hurts to reseat the cpu and heat sink.
  8. i was thinking about reseating it, i just dont want the same thing to happend and bend more pins. But if it bugs me enough ill give it try.
  9. I had the same thing happen to me with my 9600 BE I got a new heatsink/fan a cooler master Hyper TX2 the paste that came on the stock HSF stuck my cpu to the heatsink and I ripped them both out :(

    but it wasnt just 5-6 pins bent it was like 20 pins bent.

    I got them back in place and the cpu still works but I could never oc it very well so I picked up a 9950 and oced it to 2.85 ghz 204HT and 14 muti. upped the Vcore to 1.335
  10. try to use a razor blade to pry the heatsink off. Try to break the bond witht he paste. And remember... Dont pull too hard.
  11. Thanks all for your input, i will try to reseat the cpu/fan this evening and see what happens, sure would suck if i had to buy a new CPU since i just bought this on a week ago.
  12. I had the same thing happen to me. Its the reason I have my current rig actually. Had an Athlon 64 3400+, tried replacing the CPU fan and bent some pins. Even after getting them back in place things didnt go well. When it comes to processors it can be hit or miss. Sometimes you can bend back and things will be fine, other times the processor can never be trusted again. Unfortunately for me the processor was unreliable at that point and finding a socket 754 processor was rather difficult.

    On the other hand it led me to building the dual core monster I run now. Scared the $hit out of myself though when I did the exact same thing to my dual core processor. Replacing the stock fan with an aftermarket, processor gets stuck to fan and comes up with the fan :-(. Fortunately this time I only bent one pin and when i bent it back everything seemed to work fine. System has been running reliably since June.
  13. Just as a tip, when you ever remove a old heatsink that has been on for a while the paste may get a bit thick and sticky. So when you are removing it just twist it slightly left and right to help break the bond.

    As for the OP, you may need a new CPU. Or try upping the voltage a bit to try to stableize it. And also check your RAM timings and voltage. I had BSoD because my memory voltage was set to low by default so I had to manually set it to the spec voltage.

    On a side note, I guess this is why I like Intels new system. The pins are on the mobo and it has a metal bracket that holds the CPU in place. Maybe AMD should add that in the future so it makes it easier on people.
  14. Just a tip I saw on HardOCP. Use a .5mm mechanical pencil to straighten pins. Remove the lead, stick the pin (all the way) in where the lead would be, and lift the pencil perpendicular to the CPU. I haven't tried it, but it looks like it works very slick.
  15. Ram voltage is at manufacturer recommendation, 2.1v, cpu is on default 1.3v, what should i up the cpu voltage to?
  16. alexpro3 said:
    CPU temps, idle 30, load playing warhammer 36-38c

    Not sure where you are at with this problem. If you were referring to the new warhammer mmo, these crashes are somewhat common. Not saying it isn't the pins but if the pins were the problem wouldn't logic say it wouldn't even boot?
  17. correct, warhammer mmo, i never had any crashes before the pins were bent, i know some poeple have said that the game crashes sometimes and you just go to desktop, but not the computer locking up, BSOD or restarting.
  18. I've used PKRipper's method on electronic parts, including some older CPUs back in the day (e.g. 80286). It works.
  19. alexpro3 said:
    Ram voltage is at manufacturer recommendation, 2.1v, cpu is on default 1.3v, what should i up the cpu voltage to?

    Well here is one question: Does it BSoD while just sitting in Windows or only when you do CPU intensive stuff?

    For the CPU voltage you can try upping it one level.

    Try running Prime95 to see if it truly is the CPU causing the BSoD.
  20. If any AMD people are reading this its time you changed your CPU retention method to something that works properley.
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