Bought parts to build new PC, having problems.... PLEASE HELP!

I bought an ASUS motherboard, Intel CPU, & some other neat stuff.... Installed everything, checked and double checked everything was placed correctly, plugged in the power cable, flipped the power supply switch & the little green LED came on.

Heres where the fun began... I pressed the power button in the face of the computer, after a few seconds heard one beep (passed post test), looked at the computer screen it started to boot, I read it said to press F1/del/or something to enter Setup, so I searched for the key to press JUST as i heard a LOUD POP/ZAP. I looked down at the case and saw a spark fly out the back of the computer. The spark had apparently came from the power supply (I used an old power supply that was still good from a different computer) because I could smell the burning plastic smell coming from inside the unit. New power supply was ordered and installed today...

Now for my questions if anyone can help me: Is it possible that the motherboard is now damaged because of the power supply dying the way it did? Could I have caused any damage to other peripherals such as RAM, CPU, Video Cards, etc?

The reason I'm asking is with the new power supply installed, I can only power up the computer using the PSU's switch on the back of the computer since the reset & power buttons in the front no longer work. The green motherboard LED lights up fine, DVDrom works fine, all cpu fans run properly. The IDE led light stays on, I don't hear any beeps (not even one beep to tell me it passes POST - onboard speaker broken?), I do not have anything on my display, and mouse doesn't light up but keyboard lights DO flash... I called the company I bought the motherboard from and they agree it sounds like the motherboard is bad & they are replacing it. I know the computer won't boot up and I should hear a series of beep codes if the CPU is not installed or not working, but with the speaker possibly not working, I won't know the status of the CPU until the new motherboard gets here.... If its not the CPU thats bad, it may be my video cards.... Any suggestions as to what the problem might be??? Or any other ways to figure out which is bad? Any info to help jog my mind would be WONDERFUL! Thanks...
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  1. can you list system specs?
  2. Yep, when the psu blew, it could have (and likely did) fry other parts of the system. If you're luck, only the motherboard fried. The only certain wat to know is to test the other parts in a known working system. What is the new psu you bought? If you're smart you bought a quality brand one after this.
  3. Yeah, you could have damaged multiple components. Just for the info. what are the models of your old and new PSUs?
  4. Pull the cmos battery out and reset the cmos.....then pray
  5. Until you get the new motherboard there really is no way to identify how much was damaged. When you get the new motherboard start the system with the bare minimum. if it has onboard use that. if it has more than 1 ram stick only put one in when you originally start it. If it boots ok download burn to disk and run memtest86 after you put all your ram back in. let memtest run for roughly 8-10 passes (this will take a very long time) to deeply check the memory. If your system boots and memtest runs without a single error your memory is almost certainly ok and your cpu is probably fine as well. as for a video card. if you system beeps 3 times pauses and repeats your video card is probably bad if not and you see everything your probably ok so once you make sure everything is ok i suggest getting a 3d benching program and run it to make sure there are no artifacts or glitches from your video card.

    Only problem with psus and building your comp. its not usually done but when you get a new psu. plug it in and short the connector pins on the atx mobo connector. google it to find the correct ones. and it will start up the psu and you can let it run solo for a while to make sure its not faulty from the get go.

    anyways hope this helped.
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