Need help finalizing new build

Please take a look at the stuff below and let me know if there is anything else better for the money I've already put in. Rig is just for gaming/work stuff, so focused towards gaming. Looking to play newer games for the next two years or so before upgrading again. Also looking to buy in the next few weeks, so 4870x2 may not be an option.

Have a total budget of around $1600 for everything listed.

Case: NZXT Tempest
PSU: Rosewill 850W
MB: MSI P7N SLI Platinum
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450
CPU Cooler: Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro w/ some thermal grease
Video: EVGA GTX 280 SSC
RAM: OCZ Reaper 8GB DDR2 800
OS HD: WD Caviar 160GB SATA
Monitor: Acer AL2216WBD 22" Widescreen

Is there something better I should look at for any spot and take a better value item somewhere else. Any help/comments would be appreciated.

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  1. Everything but the psu. Pick out a tier 1/2/3:
  2. Thanks for link and suggestions auscanzukus!

    Is there anything else I should looking into doing? Drop the extra 4gb of RAM, drop to a q6600? and then spend the money elsewhere?

  3. only 160 gb HD ? u got more already or else u should probably upgrade that too.
  4. i mean in all honesty, a 160gb HD does not fit ur build.... throw in another 40 bucks and get something BIGGER! :)
  5. Yeah, I have 2x500gb hd already, that I'm going to put in a raid 0. This list is just the basics with the $1600 to spend on these pieces.
  6. If you want to overclock the Yorkie, you'll need faster than 800mhz ram. If you o/c the Q6600, 800mhz ram is fine. Personally, I would pick up a Q6600 for $200 and overclock it to 3Ghz by upping the FSB to 333Mhz x 9 = ~3Ghz. You save $100+ and can put it towards a better psu brand.
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