What Should I do?? Sli 9600 GT Superclocked or???

I currently have a EVGA 9600 GT Superclocked and am wondering if I should Sli or sell the 9600 and get something else. Maybe XFX 8800 Alpha Dog andwait for the price to come down and then SLI that or buy a 9800 GT. I am lost and somewhat new to this whole thing. HELP!
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  1. why do you need to upgrade... i mean downgrade to a 8800... its 9600 gt its about equal to a 8800 gt.... also what res do you play at we can't suggest anythng if you don't give us any more info also what games do you lke to play and whats your budget
  2. im not certain but i think a 4850 would win against the 9600sli plus its DX10.1
    but if you want to go sli the 9600 runs in sli well
  3. usual res is 1680*1050 (22 inch)... I like FPS, currently playing Crysis, and holding breathe for Far Cry 2. I figure I can sell my current card for $80-100 to my boss and then am willing to spend no more than 200. I see that Frys has my same card for 90 after rebate. I am one of these people that likes to spend money on stupid things!!! Thanks sorry i didnt put it all in the firt time I am at work and boss's boss walked in. OPPS
  4. Why don't you just 2X the performance for 210$ ( Aka, buying my used GX2 off of me) PM me fool!
  5. sli 9600 GT would be like a 4870.......do that...there is no point getting a 8800GT....if u wana sell ur card then get 4850 at minimum...should fit ok with ur budget
  6. thanks guys... I think i might sli the 9600 for 90 after rebate
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