OCZ memory help with GA-EP35-DS3L

I was just wondering if anyone had the OCZ Platinum 2GB (2x1GB) Model OCZ2N10662GK Memory with a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L Motherboard. There is a different OCZ memory in the support list on Gigabytes site, but I like the platinum and the speeds. I currently have a single 2 gig stick of Transcend 800 Mhz ram, and I want to upgrade to the OCZ 1066 speed ram. Please answer ASAP, my birthday is soon :D
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  1. Gb boards, in general, 'like' Mushkin RAM. Not to say others' WON"T work, just that Mushkins seem to take less fiddling with, and if you ARE willing to fiddle, might OC better. I'm planning a new workstation, and was going to buy 8Gb OCZ 1066 as it was a little cheaper, & they seem to have good support (especially at NewEgg) but, it seemed to me, I'd GLADLY pay $15 a stick to cut several hours of cursing at the BIOS while tweaking.

    There's a GREAT Gigabyte forum over at:
    You'll find a pair of step-by-step 'stickies', one on RAM testing/tweaking, and one on GB overclocking. Follow the instructions carefully, and odds are 90%+ that you'll find your board/component's OC 'sweet spot' w/no further assistance...
    Good luck!!!
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