Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2 w/ GeForce 7800 GS-OC

XPS system runs great, looking to get an extra year out of it, currently using ati radeon x800. Purchased GeForce 7800 gs-oc and it works in another pc, but not in Dell XPS system. Has anyone had problems with Dell XPS gen 2's not accepting certain graphic cards and or is the 460w power supply really not capable of running a card this powerful, has anyone run this or a more powerful card on an identical system? let me know, sorry if this is a post repeat, after looking i didnt see anything similiar to this setup.

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  1. Powerful? The 7800 is obsolete. And no, a 460w generic PSU won't be enough to run two of them.

    Looks like another customer Dell sold its outdated parts to...
  2. The 7800 you've got will require at least 20 amps on the 12V rail, probably a bit more than that. The power supply on your XPS is maybe 18 amps?
  3. The XPS 460w Power supply has 32A on the 12v rails, plenty for any 7800 card.
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